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Deborah is known as the Mind Body Detective, because her approach to health and wellness is one which embraces the whole of our unified human experience.

As a musician and composer,  Deborah formerly performed professionally across Europe.

She was also a visual artist.

Long term health issues began after Deborah had her first child in 1995.

She developed a goitre and hypothyroidism, gallstones and CMV.

This combination of conditions was life-changing, and in 1995 there was little in the way of allopathic medical intervention that provided her with any relief from her symptoms.

Thus began a long period of exploration in the field of complementary medicine and techniques.

Today, Deborah is symptom free of her conditions, and has trained as a naturopathic practitioner, working with a variety of energy medicine, somatic therapies and emotional freedom techniques.

Deborah is also one of only a few Meta Health Master Practitioners in the UK, with a Specialism in Endocrinological Issues.

Deborah has worked with many different clients to support such issues as:

Thyroid Dysfunction

Cancers - including Cervical, Thyroid and Breast Cancer


MS & Parkinsons

ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Infertility Issues

Lymphatic Drainage & Support

Weight Issues

Muscular-Skeletal Issues

Deborah Wiggins-Hay

The Mind Body Detective

BA (Hons)


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