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The Mind Body Detective

Deborah is known as the Mind Body Detective, because her approach to health and wellness is one which embraces the whole of our unified human experience.

As a musician and composer,  Deborah formerly performed professionally across Europe.

She was also a visual artist.

The biological and emotional aspects of sound, colour and light were always a fascination for Deborah, and so when she developed her own health issues which were not satisfactorily addressed through allopathic treatments, she began her path to explore self-healing through a combination of all these methods, and so began a long process of discovery. Uncovering and developing in a range of Energy Healing Processes.

Working with Sound, Colour, Light, Crystals, Energy-Psychology Techniques, Meridian Energy Techniques and a profound Root Cause Analysis, Deborah has combined these Tools and Techniques to create the MBD Revive Toolkit, which can be used by individuals for self-healing and personal or spiritual growth.

These are also taught through Deborah's robust MBD Practitioner Level Training

You can train to become a MBD Practitioner using  the same MBD Revive Toolkit through a mixture of online and live training.

Deborah's online training platform provides a robust training that teaches the key aspects contained within the MBD Toolkit along with the Professional Practices that are reinforced and tested online.

The training platform provides a means of communicating with other trainees and individuals working with the MBD Toolkit - and does not require you to be a facebook user, or engage in any other social media platform for student interaction.


All of the MBD training and sharing can occur in a safe, self-contained space.

The training provided through the training site is also combined with live training (both online and in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside), attendance for which is required for all certification levels.

Deborah Wiggins-Hay

The Mind Body Detective

BA (Hons)