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Becoming Hypothyroid Free

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"Becoming Hypothyroid Free"


Deborah Wiggins-Hay

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A completely different level of 'thyroid' understanding! 

This book explores the emotional and psychological influences that impact our thyroid health, and then goes on to provide practical advice and processes to help address those influences.

It explains how you can interpret the readings of your thyroid hormones and other blood tests "as an MBD" , and what that may be highlighting for your attention.

Deborah aims to empower you with the knowledge and tools that will make you not only better understand what is going on with your thyroid, but also that your  body is working as a consciously intelligent 'whole' organism. Operating on all levels of the mind, body and emotions, whereby these various levels of life interpretation are sharing and processing important information that is pertinent to the whole system.


When you begin to truly listen to these multi-layered  'messages' from the different levels of your body,  you have opened up a new and  different opportunity for learning and growth.

Anyone can do this when they learn how  to listen to and respond to the language of what the body is really trying to express through the symptoms of dis-ease.