Crystal Acupuncture

Acupuncture without Needles!

This training has the benefits of not only providing a safe and effective form of acupuncture without needles, but it also uses the medium of light to address issues and stimulate rebalance.

Light is the language of all life!

Crystals are solidified crystalline light. They each hold a very specific and purified form of energy in matter.

In this course we explore the nature of crystals, their relationship to light and colour and how they can be used with TCM Meridians and Specific Acupuncture Points in order to help address mental, emotional and physical manifestations of disease.

The Beginners course will provide you with a tool set to work on yourself, friends and family.

This course is a CPD course for existing Crystal Therapists wanting to add in the element of acupuncture to their treatments;

It is also a CPD course for Acupuncturists wanting to bring in the element of crystals to their acupuncture sessions.

In addition, Crystals are a beautiful way to empower your clients . By giving them self-work to do with specific crystals between sessions, they can focus upon self-healing and developing a more perceptible relationship with the more subtle, energetic and emotional aspects of themselves.