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Root Cause Analysis Training



This course brings together all of the separate Modules of the MBD RCA Course, and completes the FULL COURSE Training available within our Mind Body Detective Model of Health & Wellbeing.


Dive into the multi-dimensional processes happening in the body, whilst simultaneously stepping back and having a "meta view" of how all that works together...

Introducing the Concept of the MBD 'Root Cause Analysis'.

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The MBD RCA Course provides a complete Model of the interactive processes that are occurring between



By 'SPIRIT', I incorporate a combination of meanings, which include

  • The essential 'nature' of being human

  • The non-physical component of our 'felt' senses

  • The many 'FIELDS' of Consciousness that inform and interact with the MIND and the BODY to support dynamic evolution and adaptation


The MBD RCA Course is informed by the last ten years of my own personal trainings, with some of the best teachers and trainers within the UK and Europe.


These include:

Penny Croal - Founder of Meta Consciousness

Sam Thorpe - Author of 'Meta messages from your Body' and Founder of Conscious Health Institute

Johannes Fisslinger - Founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions

Richard Flook - Founder of Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)


The MBD RCA Course combines gems of diverse teaching and methods that now amalgamate into an harmonious

'Meta Perspective of health and disease'.


Building upon the work of

Dr Hamer in the later part of the 20th Century

Traditional Meta Health Models


The MBD RCA includes an Understanding of the Multi-Dimensional Language of Disease from the perspective of both

  • The Three Principles of Evolution

  • The Three Principles of MIND


The MBD RCA Training incorporates an holistic and energetic approach to a dynamic model of health and wellness.

It recognises the inherent nature of Consciousness and our Individual SOUL SENSES as a part of that approach.

Biological Intelligence is evidenced throughout the Natural World!

All Adaptation comes from an intelligent process of cause and effect - directed through a form of consciousness that is directed via evolution itself.

The body responds intelligently from stimulus we receive from our external environment and a huge library of data that is stored within the body.

The body responds unconsciously, built upon many layers of information built upon embodied aspects of our 'past experience'.

Course Content

  • PART 1: Introducing the MBD and The MBD RCA Approach

  • PART 2: EVOLUTION & ADAPTATION AS DYNAMIC PROCESSES OF CHANGE (The Brain & MIND / Germ-layers & Brain Layers / Levels of Intelligence throughout the body / and the concept of 'change work')


  • PART 4: STRESS MODELS & DYNAMIC MOVEMENT (The UDIN / Movement: 'Towards' & 'Away From' / Energy of Attraction and Repulsion / Excess or Deficiency / Directions of Movement & Freeze)

  • PART 5: MEANING & UNDERSTANDING (development of MIND and Consciousness / Building 'Fields' of Information / Epigenetic / Alternative Timelines)


  • PART 7: The MBD RCA Directory of Disease

  • 5+ Extra Resources Videos

The MBD RCA is made up of 7 Parts, which build layers of learning through multiple Modules within each Part.

In total there are 47 Modules for completion in order to become an MBD Practitioner.


ALL of the MBD RCA Modules are required for completion of the MBD RCA Training.

On completion of the training modules, those who would like to go on to become Practitioners will also need to complete the following:

  • A written Research Paper, or Video Submission.

  • Completion of an Exam.

  • 14 Case Studies - a minimum of 70 Client Sessions.

Other Trainings that May Support MBD RCA Practitioners


Root Cause Analysis is only one aspect that informs therapeutic treatment.

The MBD Toolkit is another important aspect, which builds tools and techniques for 'change work'.


The MBD RCA Course is available for Therapists and Coaches, who work with Clients. It is also an empowering way for individuals to begin to address longstanding, chronic health issues that they feel may have deeper and underlying connections to their emotions, feelings, thoughts, past experiences or lifestyle issues.


A deeper understanding of RCA may change your paradigm...altering how you see the world, how you view your bodies intelligence and your interaction with and adaptation to your environment and the events in your life.

Things that may once have seemed to be disparate and separate in terms of contemporary medical practice, begin to make sense in terms of our complete human experience - and how we are processing that experience on all levels of mind, body and spirit.