UK Crystal Temple Sounds

Azeztulite Crystals are a high vibrational New Earth Crystal, that assists a multi-dimensional state of awareness. It activates the 'lightbody', and can assist us in connecting with the clarity we require from our higher light body, that is unimpeded by our mental or physical obstructions to this pure information source.

This Singing Bowl is in 1335hz and supports the adrenals. It therefore assists balanced movement as we aim to move forwards in our intentions, our hopes and dreams. It is particularly helpful for helping us connect to our personal truth and overcome our inner fears and judgements that may be holding us back from moving forwards.

Over 13 minutes of meditative focus on assisting the 'flow' of intention, focusing on the 1335hz frequency of the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls, which supports the functioning of the Kidney and Adrenals.

This meditation supports us:

- To reconnect with and consciously make connections with our own internal biological organs, and their energetic pathways

- In making connections from our own inner 'essence' - that part of us which informs our motivations and intentions - to the outer world of potentialisation, of actualisation. This is where our intentions become manifested into our external reality.

A Heart Based Meditation that harnesses the frequencies of Emerald Crystals and the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls.

Also Combining the soothing sounds of Classical Guitar, this track is in B minor. 

It therefore connects you through the crown chakra to source information and also through the sacral chakra, it reconnects us with our female lineage - the DNA remembrance of our mothers, and the connection into the Mother of all Creation - the Earth herself.

Lastly, this set of frequencies connects us into the healing power of our own Heart Energy and then takes us on a journey to the Heart of the Emerald Forest.

A soothing and regenerating balm of clam - to nourish the energetic properties of your heart and blood through the crystal frequencies of the most Royal Crystalline Being of Emerald!

The Emerald Gold Alchemy is a combination that allows for us to ground and connect into the stability and sustenance of the Earth herself.

Both in her Spring energy and in her Autumnal energy. This encourages the new birth of our ideas to come forth and to emerge from the darkness of the dream. Combined with the Golden wisdom evidenced in completion that exists in the autumnal energy, we are able to set our intention to move towards fruition, but without setting it within boundaries or limitations that may restrict the true growth of any intent, thought or dream.

In combination this is an alchemy that holds the space for any thing to happen. 

Dig deep into your wishes and hold the possibility of your personal dream or desire to be formed, and connect daily with this sound file to support your manifestation.

Combining the Crystalline Energies of both Emerald and Gold - this meditational piece supports you in holding the highest intention for you to manifest your dreams in the purest and most wise of its forms. Whilst you hold the image of all that you wish to manifest in your life clearly within the field of potential that exists within your minds eye, allow yourself to receive the Crystalline Frequencies that will support that Manifestation to take place in a clear new form.

This is an Audio Light Language Transmission to align with Mother Mary.

The Deep Ancestral Aspect of the Feminine Energy that resides within the ova of each female created at conception, carrying the primal feminine energy. Mother Mary is the Divine aspect of our calling and supports us in our heartache and role as compassionate carer upon the Earth - as we remind ourselves and our children of the true nature of love without conditions.