The Body is a combination of many things.


It contains an intricate network of bio-logical substances and forms that combine to create a balanced 'whole'.

There is a Bio-logical Intelligence that sits behind the substances and the forms, identifying need and appropriate responses; which in turn either up-regulates, or down regulates specific bio-logical functions.


The MBD learns how to observe, to question and ultimately how to understand the language of that Bio-logical expression which the body is feeding back to us through its healthy, or dis-eased functional status.

The Body is 'Sentient' 

As an MBD we employ various ways to access and work with the sentient nature of the human body..

There are many routes to discover how to 'talk' to the body, but we need to do this in a way that THE BODY UNDERSTANDS!


For some people this can seem 'strange', but the body does not understand or respond to the 'categorisations' our cognitive mind gives to things. We can not talk to our body and simply tell it what we want to do.


We have to make many 'in-roads' to build a new way of communicating. And to learn that communication is a 2-way process. We need to LISTEN as well as UNDERSTAND and RESPOND appropriately to what we have heard!

The BODY employs a whole other range of pathways and connections that are explored through 'feelings' and 'awarenesses' that show up in the LANGUAGE OF THE BODY!

The MBD learns to work with THE LANGUAGE OF THE BODY

  • Somatic Information

  • Vakogs

  • Energetic Awareness

  • The Meridians


 For Todays Mind Movie that focuses upon




This Mind Movie by Nicolas Do

helps us to connect into the 'feeling' of NOW

Nicolas Do has created some beautiful "Mind Movies" that he provides as free resources through You Tube. Utilise them for 21 days to create a Potential New way of thinking. And to create a sense of Abundance and Potential