Tapping Points


'Meridian Taping Techniques' consist of a number of acupuncture points that are either 'tapped' upon, or held in a 'still' acupressure pose.

Various acupuncture points are strung together in a set sequence and activated whilst certain thoughts, feelings and beliefs are explored.

This technique can be used as a 'stand alone' Energy-Psychology technique that accesses the movement of 'Qi' within the body, or it can be integrated within an acupuncture practice.

MTT - ETF Tapping Points 1.png



'Emotional Freedom Techniques' are a range of techniques that were created by Gary Craig and have been gifted to the World to assist our fast-paced evolution in the 21st Century.



It has been adapted and expanded by various components over the last several decades.



The MBD has been trained in the UK by both Karl Dawson and Silvia Hartmann.   

As an MBD working with MTT-EFT you will learn and utilise both methods that will help you to understand the energy body and energy-psychology methods better.


You will explore how patterns of thinking and beliefs mould how each of us individually 'see, think and feel' the world we live in.

Utilising these 'TOOLS' (as part of the MBD REVIVE TOOLKIT), you will be working on all levels of 

  • Mind

  • Body

  • Emotion

  • Spirit


Tapping Procedure

MTT - EFT The Tapping Procedure.png