The Mind Body Detective Toolkit

The MBD Revive Toolkit is a set of tried and tested tools and techniques that provide you with the go-to processes to do important 'change work' that is required in personal or spiritual development, conflict resolution or trauma release work.

You can use the MBD Revive Toolkit for personal change work, whether you are working to make changes on the level of mind, body or emotion for yourself or even working with others.

The MBD Revive Toolkit is ideal those working in many different therapy practices already, for continued professional development or as a stand alone therapeutic practice.

Many of the people who use these tools and techniques are so transformed through applying them in their lives, that they naturally want to transition to become a practitioner and then work to facilitate change work in others.

Most of the MBD Revive Tools and Techniques are also certified by third party accreditors, as well as through the MBD Practitioner Training, which is currently undergoing a separate Accreditation process.

This means that when you study and train to become a practicing Mind Body Detective, you will receive the benefits of accreditation, not only through MBD Practitioner Accreditation, but with other current accrediting bodies in their individual relevant fields.  This can provide you with additional benefits if you chose to join those boards, and provides you with even better value for the training cost.


The MBD Revive Toolkit allows you to delve into the deeper aspects of disease or dysfunction,  through multiple energy techniques, meaning that you can do that change work - resolving conflicts on the deeper causal level of the Mind Body Spirit.

As a totality, the Revive Toolkit also lights the way to a better overall understanding of Energy Practices in relation to Health & Disease.


Assisting your personal transformation and a new potential for you to live with an

Enlightened Mind

Entrained Body

Elevated Emotion