The Mind is a remarkable organ and has up to now been heralded as the most important organ in terms of the evolution of Human Beings!

As an MBD we have a different perspective on the evolution of Being Human - the MIND has an important part, but does not hold a hierarchy.

We are learning that Mental Function and Mental Health is more important than ever!


Interestingly, we recognise more and more that our mental health is also predicated on the condition of our 'emotional' health.

As an MBD we will learn and utilise methods that will help us understand the mind better, and to explore how thinking and beliefs mould how we see, think and feel about the world we live in.

The Mind Operates on many different levels

As an MBD we employ various ways to uncover the modus operandi of the mind.

These 'modus operandi' are the unconscious "HABITS" that may be operating behind our conscious thoughts and desires.

These habitual patterns are primarily what keep us 'stuck' in a way of 'Being' or 'Behaving' that has become encoded into our biology. 

We find that even though we may want to change it, we struggle to fight against the embedded patterns of our past thinking and acting. Our body seems  to have a 'mind of its own' - and our hopes to change how we behave and think are sabotaged again and again by that part of the mind that seems more powerful than our wish or desire to make the changes!

This is why, even though we may want to behave or think differently, our biology may well be pre-wired through our subconscious mind to over-ride our conscious desires.

The MBD learns to work with

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Negative Self-Talk

  • Creating A Positive Mind Set

  • The Energy Mind

  • The Creative Field - of unlimited potential which arrises within the Mind


 For Todays Mind Movie that focuses upon


This Mind Movie by Nicolas Do

helps us to connect into

The field of unlimited potentiality

Where we may realise everything that follows the words

"I AM"...

Nicolas Do has created some beautiful "Mind Movies" that he provides as free resources through You Tube. Utilise them for 21 days to create a Potential New way of thinking. And to create a sense of Abundance and Potential