Mind Body Spirit

As Human Beings - we love to dissect things, to break them down and to explore them!

This is the foundation of our sciences, which has subdivided into so many 'specialist' areas.



I say this - Because we are more than any one of these things!

As human beings we are more vast than this, and when all of our 'separate' parts are operating in alignment, we become greater than all of them combined.

PLUS - we can never really divide ourself into just one of these categories.

As each is inextricably linked with the whole.

But I know you know that!

However, I think it is worth remembering this when we go on to explore aspects of each of these 'categories'.



The Mind is a remarkable organ and has been heralded as the most important organ in terms of the evolution of Human Beings!

We are learning that Mental Function and Mental Health is more important than ever!


Interestingly, we recognise more and more that our mental health is also predicated on the condition of our 'emotional' health.

As an MBD we will learn and utilise methods that will help us understand the mind better, and to explore how thinking and beliefs mould how we see, think and feel about the world we live in.



The Body is a combination of many things.


It contains an intricate network of bio-logical substances and forms that combine to create a balanced 'whole'.

There is a Bio-logical Intelligence that sits behind the substances and the forms, identifying need and appropriate responses; which in turn either up-regulates, or down regulates specific bio-logical functions.


The MBD learns how to observe, to question and ultimately how to understand the language of that Bio-logical expression which the body is feeding back to us through its healthy, or dis-eased functional status.



The idea of 'Spirit' holds many different connotations for different people.

For an MBD it houses two areas of interest. The 'spirit' of Emotion, and the 'spirit' of the Individual.

Spirit is an intangible 'substance' that we recognise only in a qualitative way. People have something unique and individually different about them - we often refer to this as their spirit. This aspect of spirit we recognise as the individual may also be made up of a combination of many other things such as their personality & values, as well as the 'essence' of the person that is living through the body.

Emotions are powerful Keys to connecting with this aspect of our human experience.


The MBD learns specific tools and skills that are utilised to explore and to assist 'change work' in this area, that has a powerful effect through the other areas of a persons life: namely throughout both the MIND and the BODY.