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The 3 Keys for Thyroid Dysfunction

This free course is designed to help you understand  the Mind Body Detective Approach to Thyroid Dysfunction.

Introducing the Energy-Psychology reasons that you are suffering from it and what you can do to help treat it.


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Meta perspectives on thyroid dysfunction

Meta Perspectives on Thyroid Dysfunction

This Introductory Online Video Training Program has been designed to introduce you to the MBD understanding behind the processes that create and maintain Thyroid Dysfunction - both Hypo & Hyper Thyroid issues are covered. 

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The Butterfly Wings

Self-Help Program

Affectionately referred to as 'the Butterfly Wings Program', this self-help program has been designed to

1) Support your deeper understanding of the Mind Body Connections behind Thyroid Dysfunction

2) Provide working groups that foster practical tools and techniques that will help you make the changes that matter!

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Meta Perspectives


Root Cause Analysis Courses

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Root Cause Analysis Introduction

The Introductory Training Program has been designed to deepen your understanding of the Mind Body Connections behind the processes that create and maintain 'Dis-Ease'.

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 Training - Viruses

This course explores the origins and functional purposes of viruses, their relationship to human health and the process and purpose of what is happening in the human-viral relationship.

Hypothyroid & The Freeze Response Shock

Hyperthyroid & The Freeze Response

This is an advanced course for Qualified META Practitioners.


It begins to explore the relationship between Hypothyroidism & the Freeze State.

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Bio-Somatic Courses

The Bio-Somatic Training has been designed to provide a more comprehensive scientific understanding of the biological processes that underpin biological memory, but also of the Somatic Processes that hold those biological memories in place.

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Somatic Awakening

Course coming soon

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Somatic Detective

Course coming soon

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