Find your Crystal Singing Bowl

If you are looking for a Crystal Singing Bowl there are several things you may want to consider before purchase.

Here are some of the ways we can work together

  • 1-2-1 Session: A dedicated session to work on defining your personal intentions and Spiritual Direction. Through this session, you may identify a Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl to continue working with in your personal Spiritual Development. Purchase of any Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl within 7 days of this session will receive free postage and packaging within the UK.


  • Online Consultation: You can pre-arrange to have a series of bowls available to listen to and to discuss their properties with me. The Consultation price will be deducted from the purchase of your bowl if you purchase within 7 days of the end of our online session.

  • A Sound Healing Practice - Training: Learn to work with the Crystal Singing Bowls and other Sound & Vibrational Healing Techniques.

  • A Sound Crystalline Soul Incantation. Made Specifically to support your Personal Healing or Spiritual Practice. This is a Sound File that is made for you to support your Sound Healing Practice. These can be for Personal use and have also been created for Institutions or Therapists who would like to a have a set of Sound Files to use in their own practice and that are Bespoke Recordings. This allows you to use these recordings in your own practice and marketing materials (with credit to the UK Crystal Temple) - This can be helpful, as many other recordings and files have copyright issues attached to them. The sound files that are created are made according to their own energy and purpose as part of their creation. This is also a great way to get access to crystalline sound energy when you cannot yet afford the considered purchase of your own Crystal Singing Bowl.

All Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Files are suitable for Individual Therapists, Healers, Trainers, Spas and Therapeutic Institutions or Organisations.

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