The idea of 'Spirit' holds many different connotations for different people.

For an MBD it houses two areas of interest. The 'spirit' of Emotion, and the 'spirit' of the Individual.

Spirit is an intangible 'substance' that we recognise only in a qualitative way. People have something unique and individually different about them - we often refer to this as their spirit. This aspect of spirit we recognise as the individual may also be made up of a combination of many other things such as their personality & values, as well as the 'essence' of the person that is living through the body.

Emotions are powerful Keys to connecting with this aspect of our human experience.


The MBD learns specific tools and skills that are utilised to explore and to assist 'change work' in this area, that has a powerful effect through the other areas of a persons life: namely throughout both the MIND and the BODY.

The SPIRIT is 'The Animator 'of our Life

As an MBD we employ various ways to access and work with the spiritual nature of the our human experiences.

One of the greatest gifts to us is to recognise that our emotions are KEYS to our deeper connection to and understanding of our spirit.

Many Religious or Spiritual teachings acknowledge this, for example in sayings such as "Man is, that he may have JOY", or through the Buddhist concept of Ananda - the state of bliss!

In todays world, many people may or may not follow Religious or Spiritual practices, but whatever individual and  personal beliefs are held about these areas, most people recognise that aspect of their life that is 'non-physical' and yet 'felt' as substantial and an important part of living a deeply satisfying and purposeful life.

Emotions are Key areas that we employ as an MBD when working in this area, and they link into that aspect of the Mind and the Body which we tend to call "The Energy Mind" and "The Energy Body".

This is the overlapping area where 'spirit' meets all level of our Being.

The MBD learns to work with & connect to the multiple levels of Spirit

By working in the areas of:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Freedom

  • The Energy Mind

  • The Energy Body

  • The Energy Field

  • Soul Purpose

  • Past Life Resolution


 For Todays Mind Movie that focuses upon




This Mind Movie by Nicolas Do

helps us to connect into the


Nicolas Do has created some beautiful "Mind Movies" that he provides as free resources through You Tube. Utilise them for 21 days to create a Potential New way of thinking. And to create a sense of Abundance and Potential