The 12 Chakras Uncovered

Module 1




Golden Earth

Colour Mirror Bottles

The 12 Strand Series Colour Mirrors Bottles are introduced in Module 1,. There are 23 Bottles in total: 11 each of the Divine DNA (DD) Bottles and 11 each of the Golden Goddess (GG) Bottles - PLUS a Unity Bottle.


DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4, DD5, DD6, DD7, DD8, DD9, DD10, DD11 and DD12 - which is the Unity Bottle.

GG1, GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5, GG6, GG7, GG8, GG9, GG10, GG11, and GG12 - which is the Unity Bottle.


In this Module we will be looking at the first of the 12 Strand Series Bottles, and I would invite you to take out the DD1 and GG1 Bottles - in order to begin to spend more time with them and to work with the energy they create within your body.

We will also be focusing in on the 1st of the 12 chakras. This is NOT one which is recognised within the 7 chakra system - but I have heard it referred to fairly regularly as the EARTH STAR Chakra.

In the 12 Chakra System, the EARTH STAR is the 1st Chakra. It is one of two chakras that sits outside of the physical body. The remaining ten chakras are all found within the human form.

There are 2 bottles that resonate with this chakra - one is the DD1 bottle, the other is the GG1 bottle.

You may decide to play with the GG1 and DD1 bottles together at some point in your exploration of the 1st chakra energies through this module.

You will see that as we progress through the modules,  that we will be looking at a specific aspect of energy that is associated with the specific chakra for that module. 

There is an evolutionary aspect and an energetic aspect to each one.

We will also be looking at two bottles out of the 12 Strand Series for each module: a DD bottle and a GG bottle for each chakra.

The Evolutionary aspect of each module connects into the chakra level, and is the 'theoretical foundation' for the work that creates the 'process' we are engaged in as we move through our learning of the 12 chakras.


This module we will be connecting into the energy of the Golden Earth, through connecting into the essence of the Bottles which represent this energetic principle of what we will call (for want of a better label)  -


The 12 Strand Series Bottles are representative of the duality aspect that underpins all life upon this planet. Indeed the energetic principles that formulate life itself, and direct how we experience and feel our HUMAN EARTH LIFE.

The 2 sets of bottles that make up the 12 strand series direct us to consider the binary aspects associated with GAIA's Living Matrix, and the dynamic balance of energetic principles that operate on all levels of life and its evolution upon Gaia. 

The "Golden Earth" is the name that I give THIS era of evolution on Gaia RIGHT NOW.

It is an essential Era, long foretold  that will assist the aspect of  work we need to engage in, in order to align our 12 chakras and REBALANCE  the Masculine and Feminine energetics that have long been in a state of imbalance upon Gaia.


THE IMBALANCED ENERGETIC (of the last several thousand years of the dominant masculine energetic)  IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. 

It is / was a designed "ERA" of the evolving consciousness of Gaia, that was established in order for us all to have this lived experience within the matrix that IS GAIA.

It has been a time for us to collectively experience and explore the manifestation that occurs during an era of extreme masculine energy.

The manifestation of the experiences that we are having as Individual Souls, as Soul Families and as a whole Collective  is aligned under the umbrella of 'Gaia's living matrix'

The Earth has moved through many variations of its own evolution. It creates the energy field within which we, as humans, and all other life-forms on Earth are able to live and to flourish in an interactive energy of co-existence.

There have been ERA's that spanned thousands of years - some that were headed by the FEMININE aspect of the dualistic energy that forms the living matrix upon Gaia. Some of these Feminine ERAs lasted millions of years, precisely because the 'FORMS' of the Feminine manifest slowly  - building over time to become the body of the Earth itself.

There is an interesting connection between the experience of time, and speed that relates to the masculine and feminine energies:

The Masculine energy moves quickly, and as it streamlines, has the effect of 'speeding up' time.

The Feminine energy moves much more slowly, and as it condenses an experience into a smaller internal space, it has the effect of 'slowing down' time.


Spend some time thinking about the relationship of time and speed that you assign to both the masculine and feminine energetic.

Can you think of any times in your own life where you have experienced a speeding up, or slowing down of time?

How do you think this experience relates to your understanding of the masculine or feminine energy?

Begin to write up a list of other things that you consider to be eith

Write them in your workbook.


The Crystalline forms that exist on Gaia are bound forms that are held in unchanging structures.


They exist for millennia, and evolve very slowly over a long time;  each holds a 'bound' vibrational aspect of the yang energy, which can no longer move freely, or change. But the Crystalline forms are extremely YIN in their nature, due to this 'holding' in an unchanging physical form.


The ability of crystals to hold an unchanging physical form over a long period of time (compare this to how humans age and change) is essential in the creation of GAIA.

The Crystalline Energy is extremely important in the role of 'holding' GAIA in a state of structural balance. They allow for the creation of a structural stability that is essential to the integrity of Gaia as a living being.

My Spiritual Guides told me some while ago, that the Earth herself is made primarily of Crystalline Structures. Back in 1995, even the NY Times wrote an article about the centre of the Earth being crystalline. A year later, scientists at Berkley wrote that the hypothesis was incorrect, but they still refer to the inner core as 'Crystalline', but

"...a slow-motion dance driven by the rise of hotter iron toward the surface of the core.

"We aren't seeing the flow itself, since the motion is very slow in the nearly solid inner core," said Romanowicz. "We are seeing a snapshot of the alignment of iron crystals, like little boats in a river."

The importance of the slow, 'held' formation of the Earths core - and indeed its whole body by crystal structures, is essential to maintaining its structure and stability. 

As all forms grow from the energetic nature that informs their physical manifestation, then the Earth is a living growing form that is 'held' by its inner crystalline energy structures, whilst simultaneously providing the "individual living entities" (all life, including humans) on the planet, the freedom to shift and change the energetic of their own existence and the structures and societies that live upon the Earth.


The Earth herself is able to hold a stable structural field for those life-forms to explore, evolve and expand their dynamic and changing experiences upon her.

But we should be mindful that the energetic field that the life forms on earth create, also inform and alter the energetics of the Earth herself.

How we live and feel and interact upon the Earth during our lifetime has a direct impact on the overall energetic 'form' of the whole earth, and of Gaia and her ability to hold her current shape and form in the physical world.

Over recent decades there has been a significant amount of talk about the extra-terrestrial work that has occurred in order to stabilise the "Crystalline Grid" around the Earth at this time.

This is not a surprise, as we are currently moving through one of the most significant energetic periods of change that the Earth has experienced for a long time.

The potential for our own evolutionary change, and the evolution of Gaia is synonymous.

We are Gaia, and she is us - each of us, individually, and our collective soul group are part of this energetic change.

It is my understanding that the information I received through my guides at this time, is to assist us, each and every one of us, as we navigate our own individual processes of change and conscious evolution. Whilst we also hold the space and support the collective soul evolution of our Family of Gaia.

The Live Video Calls

Introduction to the Course


Overview of the course

The 1st Practice: An Introduction to Heart Breathing

Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine Energetics

Activity: Intention Setting

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Practice #1

Heart Breathing

Connect into the Divine DNA (DD) Bottles.

Spend some time looking at the complete set of DD Bottles.

If you have the complete set of 12 DD bottles - set them into a space where you can connect with them as a group.

I have placed them in a special part of my home, where they sit with a special 'Energiser' Crystal, that holds their energy and transmits that energy out into the environment.

Notice which DD Bottle calls out to you - go to the first one - what one is it?

Hold it in your hands - and see how it makes you feel - notice how your body responds...

Where does it want to go on your body - is there a particular place?

Read the accompanying information from the .pdf (above).

Find some time over the next week to connect daily with the DD2 Bottle. This is the bottle associated with the 2nd chakra in the 12 chakra system (remember the numbering of the 12 chakra system is different to the usual numbering for the 7 chakra system.

Listen to the Sound Byte for the Bottle, and to attune to it through the sound and the colour.

For some people this is a powerful way to connect into and hold the energy of DD2 in another sensory form.

For more information on the MBD Sound Bytes (the meditative audios) and ways to use them watch the video on the MBD website about the Soundbytes.

"Counting the Breath"

This video plays on automatic loop.

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Intention Setting:

"Manifest your Plans & Visions"