The 12 Chakras Uncovered

Module 2




Divine DNA

Colour Mirror Bottles

The Divine DNA Bottles are introduced in Module 2,. There are 12 DD Bottles in total:


DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4, DD5, DD6, DD7, DD8, DD9, DD10, DD11 and DD12 - the Unity Bottle.


In this Module we will be looking at all of the Divine DNA Bottles.

We will also be focusing in on the 2nd of the 12 chakras. In the 7 chakra system - this is recognised as the ROOT Chakra. In the 12 Chakra System it is the 2nd Chakra.

There are 2 bottles that resonate with this chakra - one is the DD2 bottle, the other is the GG2 bottle.

We will not be looking at the Golden Gaia Bottles until Module 3 - but you may decide to play with the GG2 and DD2 bottles together at some point in your exploration of the 2nd chakra energies through this module.

You will see that as we progress through the modules,  that we will be looking at a specific aspect of energy that is associated with the specific chakra for that module. 

There is an evolutionary aspect and an energetic aspect to each one.

We will also be looking at two bottles out of the 12 Strand Series for each module: a DD bottle and a GG bottle for each chakra.

The Evolutionary aspect of each module connects into the chakra level, and is the 'theoretical foundation' for the work that creates the 'process' we are engaged in as we move through our learning of the 12 chakras.


This module we will be connecting into the energy of the Divine Masculine, through connecting into the essence of the Bottles which represent this energetic principle of what we will call (for want of a better label)  -


The Divine DNA Bottles direct us to consider the aspects associated with the Divine Masculine energetic principle and also the movement of the Masculine, as it is seen through our mind, our body, our emotions and our energetic field.

The Divine Masculine is connected to the movement of EXPANSION.

Moving outwards.



It is the energetic aspect that wants us to move, to grow and to expand our experience and our awareness beyond the boundary of experience that we exist within HERE and NOW.

This Masculine energetic aspect moves us out from the realm of pure 'spirit' or of 'non-form' and penetrates that energetic aspect of our 'self' into the world of the physical 'form'.  

However, it is important to remember that if operating ALONE, the masculine energetic could not take 'form' (as  the creation of 'form' is the realm of the feminine energetic).


This 'Masculine' energetic IS the 'flow' of information, the 'energy' behind that exists behind everything that animates life, thought and possibility. The Masculine Energetic moves this energetic 'essence' and through this dynamic movement of energy, it assists in the 'creation' of form.

The Masculine Energy MOVES what is known, what is currently understood but what may, as yet still be intangible. The Masculine Energy IS the fundamental 'essence' of energy itself and all of the potential directions of movement that energy can currently explore through time and space.

However, the story of creation would not be complete if it were reliant solely upon this Masculine energetic. Why?

Because the masculine energy is only evident when it is encapsulated into something 'formulated' - or more precisely into something 'formed',  or structural. Energy is only evident when it is encapsulated, held, or 'embodied' within a physical form. (As already mentioned, this aspect of embodiment relies upon the feminine energetic.)

An obvious everyday example that we can easily relate to is 'ELECTRIC'.

Electric is a powerful, unseen force that is known to exist, yet is not obvious in a 'tangible' or 'physical' way, until it is evidenced through a 'container' or a form that will allow the energy of the electric to be seen. Such as a lamp, or some other electric tool - perhaps a TV or radio. This is an easy way to think of the difference between the intangible 'Masculine energetic' (YANG aspect) of the 'ELECTRIC' - versus the tangible 'Feminine energetic' (YIN aspect) of the vessel which holds the electric and makes it evident: i.e. the TV/Radio/Lamp...


The duality of the YIN and YANG energy is well known in many ancient societies and healing arts.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) terms are reasonably well recognised. For example, the Masculine energetic is known as the YANG ENERGY.

It initiates movement, it is associated with "Qi" and "light" and "heat".

It is insubstantial and non-physical.

It is the unseen energy and the powerhouse behind the dynamic movement that exists in all life.

In energy form - it might be likened to "ELECTRIC".


As I have already said, the Masculine energy desires to expand itself, to move beyond its current limits and continue to move onwards, and outwards. Yet it in order to become something 'substantial' that can move and exist beyond its current form, it also requires a 'body' in which to be housed.

This body is formed by the 'YIN' aspect of the feminine. 

In this way, the YANG energy requires YIN energy in which to define itself and contain itself.

The Masculine Energy requires the Feminine Energy to consolidate and bring its expansive nature back 'to a centre', where it can formulate, or re-formulate itself - before moving outwards and onwards once again.


The Masculine Energetic Principle can be considered in a symbolic way when we think of the "PRIMORDIAL CAVEMAN". This can be a helpful way of thinking of the social and behavioural aspects of the masculine energy.

The Masculine energy principle wants to express itself in a dynamic and outwardly moving way - to hunt, to puff out its chest, to expand its boundaries and 'claim' space as its own.

Think about how territorial boundaries are most often fought in nature by the male of the species. The 'dominant male' is considered to be the male that is most able to fight, expand and own the territory and express itself through the most dominant masculine characteristics.

Please remember when considering the different aspects of energetic principles, that it is important for us to adopt a non-judgemental attitude to how we regard the elements of the masculine or feminine energetics - as it would be easy to disregard them because of modern political, social, gender or sexual ideologies.

But if you find yourself reacting to this idea of the masculine or feminine energies in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or annoyed, it may be an ideal opportunity to attempt to look beyond the ways we have individually experienced these energies as 'good' or 'bad' in our own life - and instead recognise the aspects of the energetic principles they portray.

In this module we are concentrating on:

  • The energetics of the YANG

  • The Masculine energetic Principle

  • The element of Dynamic Movement


Spend some time thinking about the aspects that you assign to the masculine energetic.

Write them in your workbook.


In the attached .pdf (below) you will find the information on the Divine DNA Bottles.

This set of Colour Mirrors Bottles is associated with the YANG, Masculine energetic of the energy system.

Whenever when working on yourself, or anyone else, remember that when one of these bottles is picked, you are going to consider how the issue may relate to an imbalance in the divine masculine energetic of the person.

This is an area that you can discuss and explore further in any therapeutic situation.


It is important to understand the different energetics of the Masculine principle for yourself, and also to discuss how the person who chose the bottle may see or relate to Masculine energy.

It is also important to always consider the direction of movement when we are thinking in terms of either the masculine or the feminine energy system. Of course, we also remember that these two aspects of our duality are interdependent, but we should think about the direction of energy for the aspect that's shown up through the Divine DNA (DD) Bottle - and where it is indicating any imbalanced.

Remember that ENERGY is present in the MIND and the BODY as well as the EMOTIONAL experience of a person. How does the masculine energetic information present itself through each and every one of these areas?


For example, is there a difficulty in the energetic movement 'out and into the world', where and how might this energetic be imbalanced - are they overly expansive, moving out too fast and frequently. Not giving time for rest and integration. Do they exceed boundaries, or do they have difficulty 'putting themselves OUT THERE'?

Apply directional movement to any energy work that you engage in when using the bottles, or directed through the bottles. How the energy is moving through, into and out of the body, where it is blocked and how or where it WNATS to move are all important to consider.

Another direction of energetic movement for the Divine Masculine, is to move FROM HEAVEN and to move in the direction of EARTH.


The Divine Masculine is associated with the Heavens ("Our Father who art in Heaven" is a reflection of this awareness - but is only half the story).

The Masculine descends from the Heavenly realm, and is an energy that is 'formless' by its nature.

It wants to move, to be ever expanding and to push forwards and initiate change and evolution.

Only by being formless, can the masculine energy have the potential for adjustment, change and expansion that can be harnessed through not being fully 'anchored' in a stable and unmoving form. This ability to 'move freely' is an aspect of the Divine gift of 'free will' that is afforded us as human beings. This means that we have the potential to move in any direction that we chose, as a response to any stimulus - either internal or external.

This principle of 'free movement' is integral to the Masculine Energetic. It is a principle that is a consideration (along with the other masculine energetic principles) when working in the energy field. Any blockage to free movement is an assault or imbalance of the masculine, Yang aspect - in TCM it is the 'Qi' that is affected.

For example: The Crystalline forms that exist on Gaia are bound forms that are held in unchanging structures. They exist for millennia, and evolve very slowly over a long time;  each holds a 'bound' vibrational aspect of the yang energy, which can no longer move freely, or change. But the Crystalline forms are extremely YIN in their nature, due to this 'holding' in an unchanging physical form. The ability of crystals to hold an unchanging physical form over a long period of time (compare this to how humans age and change) is essential in the creation of GAIA.

This work of the Crystalline Energy is extremely important in the role of 'holding' GAIA in a state of structural balance, even if the individual living entities on the planet are shifting and changing the energetic of their own existence and the structures and societies that live upon the Earth. The Earth herself is able to hold a stable structural field for those life-forms to explore, evolve and expand their dynamic and changing experiences upon her.

The Live Video Calls

The Descent of the Divine Masculine


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The Energy of the Divine Masculine

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The 3rd Practice of "Chakra Breathing - Part 1"

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The 12 Strand Bottles

Divine DNA


Connect into the Divine DNA (DD) Bottles.

Spend some time looking at the complete set of DD Bottles.

If you have the complete set of 12 DD bottles - set them into a space where you can connect with them as a group.

I have placed them in a special part of my home, where they sit with a special 'Energiser' Crystal, that holds their energy and transmits that energy out into the environment.

Notice which DD Bottle calls out to you - go to the first one - what one is it?

Hold it in your hands - and see how it makes you feel - notice how your body responds...

Where does it want to go on your body - is there a particular place?

Read the accompanying information from the .pdf (above).

Find some time over the next week to connect daily with the DD2 Bottle. This is the bottle associated with the 2nd chakra in the 12 chakra system (remember the numbering of the 12 chakra system is different to the usual numbering for the 7 chakra system.

Listen to the Sound Byte for the Bottle, and to attune to it through the sound and the colour.

For some people this is a powerful way to connect into and hold the energy of DD2 in another sensory form.

For more information on the MBD Sound Bytes (the meditative audios) and ways to use them watch the video on the MBD website about the Soundbytes.


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Chakra Breathing - Part 1