The 12 Chakras Uncovered



Module 3

Golden Goddess

The Golden Goddess Bottles are connected to Month 3, as this month we will be connecting into the energy of the Divine Feminine, the essence of this half of the 12 Strand Bottles represent this energetic movement.

The Golden Goddess Bottles direct us to consider the aspects associated with the Divine Feminine energetic movements.

The Divine Feminine is connected to movement of Contraction. Moving inwards. Non-action. Reflection.

It is the energetic aspect that wants us to move, to 'Centre' and to embody our experience and our awareness and experiences within the boundary of the form that we exist within. In terms of the 'Feminine' energetic, this is why the Earth, Gaia is referred to with the 'feminine'. As 'Mother Earth' SHE holds the energetic aspect of 'Qi', of dynamic, free choice and movement of 'spirit' within her 'body'. That body is formed through the construction of the non-physical energy that underpins it. This non-physical form is compounded, by return to itself again and again to create 'a community' of smaller aspects that begin to 'hold together, being bound to and attracted to 'return' to the centre of itself. This accumulation of energy through the tiniest aspects of matter creates the cells that bond to each other to begin to build the 'forms' of physical life.

All life on the planet - indeed the planet herself, is created through this aspect of 'bonding'  and 'returning to the centre' that is integral to the feminine energetic.

It is this energetic which enables the 'Yang' movement of the masculine energetic principle (which we might refer to as 'spirit') to return back to itself after it has penetrated into the expanding, external world of 'form'.

This feminine energetic harnesses and encapsulates the YANG aspect of the masculine, and brings the 'exploring' nature, the ever 'expanding' desire back to its roots - back to its centre. Without this aspect of the YIN Feminine energetic, the masculine energetic would expand itself infinitely without boundary, and could not 'contain' itself. Without containing itself - it can never 'know itself', as it never becomes a 'form' that it can know.


This is the nature of Duality in the World of Gaia, and the World of all life on this planet. 

It is the dynamic of energetic that the human is born into, and that we are engaged in exploring. 

This exploration of the feminine and masculine energetic is not about our gender or sexual identity, but it sits at the centre of who we are, and the energy that is integral to our own biological, physical and energetic make-up.

It is my understanding that in Tantric Yoga, the idea of the masculine and feminine energies is encompassed in the ability of an individual to achieve a liberation of their spirit, through the uncoiling of these dynamic energies.

The power of this energetic is treated with respect, as it is such a powerful mode to integrate the masculine and feminine principles, that it takes many years of practice.

Within the 12 Chakra System, we are working to rebalance the conflicts that may exist within each of these duality energetics - the yin and yang - the masculine and feminine energetic. 

We hold this dynamic interaction within our body, and the chakra system itself is the primal system for the division of this duality energetic.

In TCM terms, the  GOLDEN GODDESS bottles represent and connect into our YIN energy.

The Yin energetic initiates a return to centre, and to a state of stillness. It becomes the 'body' in which the  masculine 'YANG' energetic is housed.

This body is the 'YIN' aspect of the feminine.  In all aspects of physical life, the body is the (YIN) 'house' of the (YANG) spirit.

You may begin to see, that although we incarnate as either 'more' masculine, or 'more' feminine, we are in fact a balanced and harmonic system that represents both of these parts within ourself.

We are all both YIN and YANG.

We are all in the process of exploring our relationship to the Masculine and Feminine Energetics of our environment and our own life, as we have a human experience upon the Earth.

Indeed, GAIA herself, is also having an experience of the YIN and YANG energetics, as they play out upon her own body.

This is a dynamic and evolving process of exploring what it is for us as a collective (under the umbrella of the family of Gaia) to know the extremes of a Yin and Yang society - in the many levels of social interactions that we are engaged in:

  • As an individual: being a community of cells and tissues that are interacting through our own experiences of the masculine and feminine energetics of our own life events and thoughts and feelings, or 

  • As a family: being a group of individuals within a small, closed living group

  • As a Society: being a larger group of individuals

  • As a Species: being 'human' or any other living group having a lived experience on the Earth

  • As a family of Gaia: All life, through all time, that exists on any degree of scale upon the living body of Gaia

In this Module, we are concentrating on the energetics of the YIN, Feminine element.


Spend some time thinking about the aspects that YOU personally assign to the feminine energetic.

Write them in your workbook.

In the attached .pdf you will find the information on the Golden Goddess Bottles.

This set of Colour Mirrors Bottles is associated with the YIN, Feminine energetic of the energy system.

Whenever one of these bottles is picked, you are going to consider that the issue relates to an imbalance in the divine feminine energetic of the person. This is an area that you can discuss and explore further in any therapeutic situation.

It is important to always consider the direction of movement when we are thinking in terms of either the masculine or the feminine energy system. Of course, we remember that these two aspects of our duality are interdependent, but we should think about the direction of energy for that aspect that is imbalanced.

For example, is there a difficulty in the energetic movement that allows a person to 'come home', to centre themselves or to allow themsselves to experience the energy of 'stillness' or 'reflection'?  

Where and how might this energetic be imbalanced?

Look at expansion and contraction, does the person move slowly and infrequently?

Not giving time for assertive movement, or fast activities? 

Is there a failure to maintain boundaries?

Is there a difficulty with their own 'feeling' or 'relationship' to the body they inhabit?

Another direction of energetic movement for the Divine FEMININE, is to move FROM EARTH and to move in the direction of HEAVEN.

The Divine Feminine is associated with the Earth (our referring to "Mother Earth" is a reflection of this awareness).

The Feminine wants to ascend from the Earthly realm, to reunite with the Heavenly realm. It is an energy that is bound by 'form' - the form is the physical representation of its inner nature.

It wants to be still, to bring the expanding nature of Heaven (the masculine) into itself. It has no desire to initiate change and evolution, but to embody what it has access to in the HERE and NOW. 

Only by bringing the information and energy available in the moment can the feminine energetic 'safely' embody the changing information of the evolving nature of the masculine 'expansive' energetic.

By being form, the feminine energy can embody the constantly evolving energy of change and expansion that is part of the ongoing evolution of the Earth and humanity (all all living beings on Gaia).  This 'anchoring' allows stability to exist in the physical world. In the physical world there is the potential to 'take a moment' in time to experience and explore the inner nature of the ever expanding dynamic of change and evolution.

This ability to be still and reflective upon the experience of each moment, as it is embodied, is essential in our ability to become 'conscious' in our own experience of evolution.

It is the reflective, feminine energetic that can allow the processing and embodiment of the energy information of the physical world - this allows a time and space to consciously reflect on our condition, our experience and all that has culminated in the form that we exist in in that moment. 

This opens our potential for 'conscious' evolution - whereby the feminine principle can provide deep and meaningful insights to reflect back to the masculine energetic - in order for the 'movement and expansion' of the masculine to be directed by a conscious process that occurs in 'the centre'  of the feminine energy.


This ability to 'evolve consciously' is another aspect of the Divine gift of 'free will' that is afforded us as human beings. This means that we have the potential, not only to move in any direction that we chose, as a response to any stimulus - either internal or external. But also to do so through engaging a conscious  process that negates a more random response.

The principle of 'conscious evolution' is integral to the Feminine Energetic. It is a principle that is a consideration (along with the other feminine energetic principles) when working in the energy field. Any blockage to conscious evolution is an assault or imbalance of the feminine, Yin aspect - in terms of movement it represents 'stillness', in TCM it is the 'Blood' that is affected.


The Crystalline forms that exist on Gaia are bound forms that are held in unchanging structures.


They exist for millennia, and evolve very slowly over a long time;  each holds a 'bound' vibrational aspect of the yang energy, which can no longer move freely, or change. But the Crystalline forms are extremely YIN in their nature, due to this 'holding' in an unchanging physical form.


The ability of crystals to hold an unchanging physical form over a long period of time (compare this to how humans age and change) is essential in the creation of GAIA.

The Crystalline Energy is extremely important in the role of 'holding' GAIA in a state of structural balance. They allow for the creation of a structural stability that is essential to the integrity of Gaia as a living being.

My Spiritual Guides told me some while ago, that the Earth herself is made primarily of Crystalline Structures. Back in 1995, even the NY Times wrote an article about the centre of the Earth being crystalline. A year later, scientists at Berkley wrote that the hypothesis was incorrect, but they still refer to the inner core as 'Crystalline', but

"...a slow-motion dance driven by the rise of hotter iron toward the surface of the core.

"We aren't seeing the flow itself, since the motion is very slow in the nearly solid inner core," said Romanowicz. "We are seeing a snapshot of the alignment of iron crystals, like little boats in a river."

The importance of the slow, 'held' formation of the Earths core - and indeed its whole body by crystal structures, is essential to maintaining its structure and stability. 

As all forms grow from the energetic nature that informs their physical manifestation, then the Earth is a living growing form that is 'held' by its inner crystalline energy structures, whilst simultaneously providing the "individual living entities" (all life, including humans) on the planet, the freedom to shift and change the energetic of their own existence and the structures and societies that live upon the Earth.


The Earth herself is able to hold a stable structural field for those life-forms to explore, evolve and expand their dynamic and changing experiences upon her.

But we should be mindful that the energetic field that the life forms on earth create, also inform and alter the energetics of the Earth herself.

How we live and feel and interact upon the Earth during our lifetime has a direct impact on the overall energetic 'form' of the whole earth, and of Gaia and her ability to hold her current shape and form in the physical world.

Over recent decades there has been a significant amount of talk about the extra-terrestrial work that has occurred in order to stabilise the "Crystalline Grid" around the Earth at this time.

This is not a surprise, as we are currently moving through one of the most significant energetic periods of change that the Earth has experienced for a long time.

The potential for our own evolutionary change, and the evolution of Gaia is synonymous.

We are Gaia, and she is us - each of us, individually, and our collective soul group are part of this energetic change.

It is my understanding that the information I received through my guides at this time, is to assist us, each and every one of us, as we navigate our own individual processes of change and conscious evolution. Whilst we also hold the space and support the collective soul evolution of our Family of Gaia.