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The 3 Keys To Understanding Your
Thyroid Dysfunction

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Course Content

An Introduction to the 3 Keys for Thyroid Dysfunction

In this video, Deborah (the Mind Body Detective), shares her personal experiences of Thyroid Dysfunction and introduces herself in light of her professional practices. 


The 1st Key

The Mind Body Connection

Your Body is not broken!


In this video, Deborah explains how the Mind and Body are connected, she explains how each person has an individual and unique response to stress. 

There is also a short explanation of how the brain is impacted in a visible way, when we have a specific biological 'response' to a given stress,  related to how the body has interpreted the stress.

1st Key

The 2nd Key

Understanding the Root Cause

The Thyroid 'Theme' & Mind Body Stress


In this video, Deborah explains the difference between the MBD method of getting to the root causes of disease, compared to simply addressing it's symptoms. She uses the example of her own weight issue to highlight how focusing upon a 'symptom' can direct our attention away from the deeper causes of our symptoms - keeping us 'off the right track'!


She also touches on the primary Thyroid 'Theme', which is connected to the specific 'Mind-Body Stress' an individual with Thyroid Dysfunction might be experiencing - whether hyper or hypo-thyroid,  conscious or unconscious, this is the basis of a selection of some of the possible Psycho-Emotional Roots of Thyroid Dysfunction.

There are other aspects connected to these general themes which need to be explored further for individuals to pursue their own healing.

2nd Key

The 3rd Key

Tools & Techniques for


In this video, Deborah goes over the

MBD (Mind Body Detective) Tools and Techniques

which can be used to treat stress, disease, trauma and - on this occasion (as part of the thyroid detective approach to health) Thyroid Dysfunction.


These form the basis of many of the self-help processes that may shift the stuck patterns of a persons embodied thoughts, beliefs and experiences - all of which contribute to the psycho-emotional and energetic components of disease.

3rd Key

The 3 Keys
"Next Steps"


The 6 Months Online
Self Help Thyroid Program

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Butterfly Wings
Self Help Program 

If you have found the 3 Steps to be of interest, and you would like to begin your journey to understand the Thyroid better - you may find this supported Self-Help Program gives you the information you need to work with the Mind-Body Connections that have been keeping your thyroid imbalanced.


In addition, when you join the Butterfly Wings Program, you can join the MBD members area, where you might discuss next steps with other people also beginning their own self-help journey.


"Butterfly Wings Self Help Program"

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