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Crystal Healing


Crystalline & Light Energy Therapies & Vibrational Healing

Deborah has been working with Crystals, Crystal Moon Essences and Crystal Singing Bowls for several years. She works alongside them to assist individuals in raising Crystal Consciousness.

Crystals are Light Beings. Crystal Singing Bowls combine light and sound frequencies, which Deborah works alongside to create powerful Crystalline Soul Incantations as she works with individual clients. These are musical pieces that engage a deeply profound and moving spiritual experience and create a new 'resonance' for powerful change work to occur.

Most people experience the profound cleansing and healing transformation that these crystalline singing bowls can bring, and then wish to maintain that connection throughout their ongoing personal and spiritual work. Finding your own Crystalline Bowl is an experience of deep resonance and self-claimed identity. A strong reconnection to 'self'. It is a beautiful foundation for creating a 'Sound Healing Practice'

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1-2-1 Session

If you feel drawn to a therapy, sound healing or coaching sessions book in a complimentary consultation with Deborah to discover how we can work together.

This initial 15 minutes contact is complete free with no obligation.


15 minute session


1-2-1 Session

A 1-2-1 personal healing session. Pre-arrange to have a series of bowls available to listen to and to discuss their properties with me. The session price will be deducted from the purchase of your bowl purchased within 7 days of our online session.

per 60 minute session


1-2-1 Session
A simply beautiful and relaxing therapeutic session to give yourself some loving care and attention where we work with Crystals in all of their glorious light filled forms!
May include a Chakra Balance, Meridian Balancing, Simple Field Clearing of any negative charges or negative energy or stress.

per 60 minute session

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