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The Health of your Mind and Body begins with simple acts of Self-Care.

Each of these therapies provides one-to-one time for you to delve deeply into the issues that are most important to you. Maintaining health is as important as addressing illness or disease. For as the saying goes - you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone! So find some time for self-care and optimising health is essential in todays stressful world!

Each therapy is also a powerful way to incorporate complimentary care into any existing health issue.
Therapy sessions are individually tailored to you - so whichever therapy you are drawn to, you will always receive the treatment YOU need!

Whilst most of these therapies are available at my clinic in Herefordshire, many treatments are also available ONLINE. So please enquire if you would like to consider any of these options.

Bookings are requested through the Book Now button. But the day and time will need to be confirmed beforehand. Please ensure you request your booking with a minimum of 48 hours and ensure you have a confirmation before attending.

Stones on Foot


For general health & well-being. Applied acupressure & massage to feet and legs. May include coloured light or hot stones.

Ideal for
All Muscular-skeletal & digestive issues. Thyroid & Endocrine issues; hormonal rebalance, gynaecological & fertility issues.

per one hour session




Working with the Crystal Moon Essence, the Colour Mirrors System or the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls.

Ideal for

Physical Issues on a deep, vibrational, cellular level. Assists emotional rebalance & spiritual evolution.


per hour


Disposable needles (inserted via skin) or laser/light treatments (non-invasive). May include moxibustion (heat) or Gau Sha or Cupping.

Ideal for 
Anxiety, palpitations, self-harm, depression; physical aches & pains, long-term complex disease. Thyroid, endocrine, hormonal & fertility issues.

per hour

Energy Efficiency Consultation



Including Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reinprinting, Past-Life Trauma Resolution Therapy.

Ideal for

Trauma & PTSD. Understanding what ‘Stress’ is affecting your Disease. Relationship issues.


per hour


Naturopathy is the application of natural therapies that promote the bodies own self-healing

Ideal for
Building physical & emotional strength & resilience. Nutrition; TCM Food Energetics; Bach Flower Remedies; Tissue Salts; Crystalline Remedies.

per hour

Image by Hush Naidoo


 PLTR releases embedded traumas (activated through Karmic Seeds), that otherwise maintain energetic fields that affect current life issues.

Ideal for
Past Life and Inter-Generational work (inherited issues).

per hour

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