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Butterfly Wings Program

Provides the tools to understand the underlying emotional root causes of Thyroid Dysfunction. It is a mix of live online group work and access to support materials through my online programs.

This program includes online access to:


The Energy Hour

A weekly group session held online for one hour where we work on shifting your old patterns. Working together we will use EFT & MTT to shift how your body is holding onto embodied energies of stress and other emotional issues.​​ Groups are safe places where you can interact to whatever degree you are comfortable. We will work on the emotions, energies and issues that are relevant for the individuals in the group.


The Power Hour

A weekly group session held online for one hour where we will drill down into the themes, events, experiences and triggers that specifically affect the thyroid. We will work on uncovering the key events, people and places that are connected to your specific thyroid dysfunction. The Power Hour is an ongoing group that works through the 8 Keystones that are identified in the Understanding Thyroid Dysfunction Video Program.

Understanding Thyroid Dysfunction

This Video Course provides a huge amount of information for you to begin to address the 8 Keystones of Thyroid Dysfunction. We will unwrap this in the Power Hour and you can begin to work on the new learnings you achieve either on your own, or with your Butterfly Buddy or within a 30 minute 1-2-1 session with the MBD (which you can book under Meta Perspectives on Thyroid Dysfunction)


Butterfly Buddy Work
I encourage working with a ‘buddy’ from the group where we will delve even deeper into your thyroid themes using Energy Psychology Techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques).  



An Introduction to EFT

This is a short Video course that will introduce you to the basics of EFT and provide a few free tools for you to start your energy-psychology journey within the Butterfly Wings Program.


3 Keys to Thyroid Dysfunction

This short Video Course is available to provide a better understanding of the MBD approach to Health and Disease. You can get it FREE by subscribing to the tribe HERE



Meta Perspectives on Thyroid Dysfunction

Energy Psychology sessions are based on explorations of the Root Causes of your Thyroid Dysfunction. Together we will become the ‘MBD’ detectives who uncover and clear the energetic and emotional issues that are keeping your thyroid in ‘stress. It is advised that you book additional 1-2-1 sessions in order to explore and discuss your individual root causes of your thyroid in greater detail, or to have 1-2-1 energy-psychology sessions with the MBD.



£49 per month*
*for a minimum of 6 months


By choosing this program you save over £50 each month and includes £175 worth of free gifts*

Deborah explains how she overcame her own Thyroid Dysfunction and offers you an invitation to do the same…

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