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The Mind Body Detective

Helping you to become your own Mind-Body Detective

Teaching and supporting you through the healthy changes you want to make to your life. Introducing a new Mind-Body-Spirit approach to understanding and treating the causes of disharmony and disease. Deborah works with you 1-2-1 making the changes that matter by combining traditional chinese medicine, 21st century quantum energy medicine and emotional freedom techniques. 

Sessions are held either online, at Pershore in Worcestershire, or at Wye Valley Holistics near Ross on Wye, in Herefordshire. Sessions are £70 per hour.

If you are unsure of which
program is right for you, book a FREE 15 minute consultation to help find out. 


My Story

Deborah's approach to health and wellness is one which embraces the whole of our unified human experience. As a musician and composer, Deborah formerly performed professionally across Europe. She is also a visual artist, combining her visual arts with Quantum Energy Practices, has formulated ‘Creative Solutions’, which works with the creative visual arts to address and change embedded traumas.

Long term health issues began after Deborah had her first child in 1995. She developed a goitre and hypothyroidism, gallstones and CMV. This combination of conditions was life-changing, and in 1995 there was little in the way of allopathic medical intervention that provided her with any relief from her symptoms.

Thus began a long period of exploration in the field of complementary medicine and techniques.

Today, Deborah is symptom free of her conditions, and has trained as a naturopathic practitioner, working with a variety of energy medicine, somatic therapies and emotional freedom techniques.

Deborah is also one of only a few Meta Health Master Practitioners in the UK, with a Specialism in Endocrinological Issues.

Deborah has worked with many different clients to support such issues as:

  • Thyroid Dysfunction

  • Cancers - including Cervical, Thyroid and Breast Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • MS & Parkinsons

  • ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • IBS

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Infertility Issues

  • Lymphatic Drainage & Support

  • Weight Issues

  • Muscular-Skeletal Issues

MBD Programmes
Work with MBD
Check out our available programs below.
All of these programs may be built around a Meta Analysis and include the use of EFT and other Techniques designed to address the Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours that are keeping you stuck in unwanted situations or unhealthy conditions.

If you are unsure of which programme is right for you, I encourage that you book a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION and Deborah will happily guide you.

*Please book a minimum of 48 hours in advance.


1-2-1 Session

Working with your therapist, I will identify the ‘Key’ Mind-Body connections to help you get to the ‘Root Causes’ of your Disease with your own therapist.


Decorated Donuts

1-2-1 Session

We will identify the Mind-Body connections associated with your Food Cravings, address Emotional and Behavioural Patterns using EFT and other Techniques .


Prenancy in White

1-2-1 Session

After Conception maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind is essential. You may also want to address any fears around future parenthood.


Women in Bodysuit

1-2-1 Session

Working with the Emotional and Mind-Body connections associated with your weight, this work supplements any dietary efforts in your weight-loss journey.


Fertility Egg Freezing

1-2-1 Session

We will identify the Key Emotional Events and associated Mind-Body Issues affecting your Fertility Potential with a focus upon Conception.



1-2-1 Session

Sometimes in our life we recognise we feel lost and need guidance. Better understanding of self, of needs and purpose provides the foundation for an empowered future.


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