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The MUST READ new book written by Deborah Wiggins-Hay the Mind Body Detective

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Hypothyroid Free

Addressing your Thyroid Dysfunction with an holistic and root cause approach

Thyroid problems require a two pronged approach
1. Work to build resilience within the energy systems of the body in order to achieve better daily function
2. Address the root causes that are behind the onset of your thyroid condition and resolve emotional and psychological patterns that are keeping them ‘stuck’ in place.

The Mind Body Detective (MBD) works with you to build your individual resilience for daily life with thyroid symptoms. With a mixture of Root Cause Analysis, 21st Century Quantum Energy Therapies and ongoing complementary therapies - all of which are available one-to-one, online, or in clinic.

Deborah can help you to gain individual ‘Meta Perspectives on your thyroid dysfunction’ in a short 30 minute ‘Root Cause Analysis’ session. This will provide you with helpful insights into the individual stresses that are causing your personal thyroid condition and keeping you ‘stuck’. She also provides long-term programs to dive deeper and address the key root causes of your individual thyroid condition.

You can do this either via
Personalised Change Work (1-2-1 individualised sessions) or The Butterfly Wings Program (an online self-help program provided in a group setting)


Check out my Programs that are built around the upcoming book about Becoming Hypothyroid Free which is available to pre-order now.​​

Complimentary Therapies and energy work helps to build thyroid resilience. Sessions are available in clinic, or can be tutored online. Includes Reflexology, Acupuncture, EFT and other 21st Century Energy Therapies.

Lastly, but by no means least, we can begin to address the energetic programs that may be an important energetic source of our thyroid dysfunction: Past Life Trauma Resolution (PLTR) Therapy and Epigenetic Transformational Fields (ET Fields) Therapy

If you are unsure of which program is right for you, book a FREE 15 minute consultation to help find out. 


Hypothyroid Programs

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Online Video Program
This video course is designed to help you understand what Thyroid Dysfunction is, why you are suffering from it and what you can do to help treat it.

If you want to look beyond the food and the nutritional aspects of your Thyroid Dysfunction.

or FREE to Tribe Subscribers

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1-2-1 Consultation
Root cause analysis. Energy Psychology sessions based on explorations of the Root Causes of your Thyroid Dysfunction. Together we will become the ‘MBD’ detectives who uncover and clear the energetic and emotional issues that are keeping your thyroid in ‘stress.

per 30 minute session

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Online Video Program
From October 2021
This video course looks at the Root Causes of our disease. It addresses the 8 Keystones of Health and how they apply to thyroid dysfunction.
The course can be taken alone but it is also accessible as part of the Butterfly Wings Program (below) 




1-2-1 Session
Sessions are individually focused to address the issues that are important to you. They provide you with time to understand the root causes of your issue, and to explore ways to address it that work for you.

per session

Hypothyroid & The Freeze Response Shock

Online Video Program

Professional Development Course for Metacologists and Meta Health Professionals. This course begins to explore the relationship between Hypothyroidism and the Freeze State.

per session

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6 Month Subscription

Two Intakes Per Year

Providing the tools and techniques to get to the underlying emotional root causes of Thyroid Dysfunction.

This program includes access to:

  • The Energy Hour - Working with Energy Psychology Tools

  • The Power Hour - Exploring the MBD Root Causes of Thyroid

  • Understanding Thyroid Dysfunction - Video Course

  • Direct Access to the MBD during live sessions

  • 1-2-1 review session each month

  • 1-2-1 Change Work session each month

£160 / £250

per month for 6 months

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