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SOUL SENSES & The 12 Chakras:
One & Two

The first of a 12 part series - a quintessential model written by Deborah Wiggins-Hay the Mind Body Detective


21st Century Quantum Energy

Energy Work encompasses many varieties:

21st Century Quantum Energy takes many different forms. Working with the physical, emotional and psychological energy  bodies, we embrace how they fluidly interact and affect one another. This approach shifts our old paradigm away from a Cartesian determinism and Newtonian mechanics (a view whereby everything is ordered and pre-ordained to some degree), and integrates it with the ’ NEW' quantum atomic world of “potentiality".

Rather than being ‘at odds’ with each other, 21st Century Quantum Energy embraces this fluidity and works with the power inherent in each ‘quanta’ of our experience. This means that we can adopt a variety of quantum views (‘quanta’) when working with energy. Indeed according to quantum physics, any outcome is dependant upon 'how we look’ at it. When we fluidly move between these options, we can still chose to look at the old Newtonian ‘structures’ of our biology (such as when considering biological issues), but we can also observe the somatic world of our emotions, or the implicit order of ‘MIND’. Each of these can help us to ‘make sense’ our disease, to better understand the purpose and meaning behind any biological, emotional or psychological dysfunction (via the ‘Biology of Meaning’).

21st Century Quantum Energy works with a combination of conscious awareness which is facilitated by 'The Biology of Meaning' (understanding), somatic awakening which is facilitated by the subtle energy body and the Soul Senses to explore these options.


Work With

​The Biology of Meaning

This is a process whereby we can access the MIND, and explore our current understandings, how we make meaning, and establish the beliefs that direct our life. Book a Meta Analysis Session below. 

​The Subtle Energy Body

The many subtle energy pathways of the body include various energy fields, the 12 chakras and the meridians. Book an Energy Hour or Creative Solutions Session, see below for more details. Please also see my Complimentary Therapies.
​The Soul Senses

Encompassing experiences of our emotions, the somatic body and our senses, our Soul Senses help us to explore the greater purpose of our life, and the individual ‘karmic seeds’ that emerge throughout the journey of our life: in utero, birth and their root within past life events. Book a Soul Senses Session, see below for more details.

Past Life Trauma Resolution (PLTR)

PLTR is work that looks to uncover the energy that we are carrying forwards into this life, which is rooted in unresolved issues within our past lives. These can act as powerful energetic sources of information that our current biology is ‘primed’ (through ‘karmic seeds’) to interact with. Until we address and clear the energy patterns around those Past Life traumas, we will continue to resonate with them in this current lifetime. Book a Past Life Trauma Session, see below for more details.

Training Courses

If you would like to work with these tools and techniques yourself, we hold training courses which are available at certain times of the year.

Quantum Programs
Work with Deborah
Check out our available programs below. If you are unsure of which programme is right for you, book a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION and Deborah will happily guide you.

*Please book a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
The Energy Hour EFT Introduction Thumbna

Group Session
Weekly Support Group for focused Energy Psychology Work
Learn the techniques that will help you change how your body is responding to past events, emotional and psychological stress.

per session

Image by Fa Barboza

1-2-1 Session
Using tools and techniques including a Sound Practice, Unity Breathing, the Polarity Process and the Three Brain Balance. Meta perspectives may also be reflected upon in the session.

per session




1-2-1 Session 

Working with your therapist, I will identify the ‘Key’ Mind-Body connections to help you get to the ‘Root Causes’ of your Disease with your own therapist.

per session

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 11.55.49.png

1-2-1 Session
PLTR releases embedded traumas (activated through Karmic Seeds), that otherwise maintain energetic fields that affect current life issues.

per session

Image by Jakob Owens

1-2-1 Session / Small Group
A combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Creative Visual Arts, focus upon an Energetic Solution to a specific problem or conflict. Online or in person.

per session

Yoga at Home

Monthly Subscription
Access special videos and weekly online sessions to support the development of your HeartMath Practice.

per month

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