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Building Collective

Heart Coherence

Heart Focused Breathing

This Video explains the benefits

Build Heart Resilience

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A World Full of HEART

A World Full of HEART

Love nurtures Love.

Heart Energy

Heart Energy

Create Your World from Your Heart

Heart Unifies All

Heart Unifies All

The Mind, Body & Soul!

Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence

Increase your own Heart Coherence

Share your Heart Light!

Share your Heart Light!

Be a source of light, peace and joy


An International HeartMath Initiative

Building Heart Resilience

Across the Globe

MONTHLY ONLINE LIVE CALLS to increase our Individual and Collective Heart Coherence. A Monthly event that is held at the same date and time across the World.

Love nurtures Love.
Love is the antidote to Fear!

We Create the World we believe we live in.

When we build Heart Coherence the World around us changes!

So why not create Your World from Your Heart?

The Heart 'centres' and 'balances' our whole SELF!

Unifying our Mind, Body & Soul!

Become a beacon for others

Build your own inner source of light, peace and joy 

Then share that with all you meet

Build in a daily dose of Heart Focused Practice.

Connect with others doing the same

Increase your own Heart Coherence

Build Coherence across the Globe!

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