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C10 - HigherSacral Chakra - Suchness

The rose pink brings love into the issues of abuse to which the orange relates. It puts you in a state of alignment with your soul.

Your soul never thought you were abused - it knew that you were in a process of learning and healing. This bottle supports creative ideas and opens you to bliss and enlightenment.

It brings the energy of both forgiveness and acceptance on a deep emotional and soul level. As the soul level understands when we have suffered in the dark night of the soul, and emerged reborn into the light, that we might shine with a renewed, deeper understanding of love and empowerment.

This new level of learning and healing extends towards all people and all situations.

C10 is where you can finally be at peace with the suchness of life.

C10 - HigherSacral Chakra - Suchness

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