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Frankincense Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowl

Elevating personal and spiritual love, Frankincense heightens awareness by inspiring and awakening our spiritual senses. Transforming and expanding our consciousness; frankincense accelerates spiritual growth as it opens the crown chakra, causing the energy bodies to align within the physical. 


 It is a powerful anointing energy - that is not unlike a blessing for anyone embarking on a new aspect of their personal spiritual life. The integration of spirit within a human body. Hence it was a gift by one of the wise men at the birth of Christ, and is also used to anoint babies into their spiritual body.


The resin of the Frankincense Tree naturally releases from the bark of the tree when the time is right, and the sap is naturally rising. The release of its powerful 'inner essence' is natural and also timely - allowing the purest inner nature of soul to emerge at just the right time.


This is a beautiful bowl, with a strong and stable tonal quality that will support any sacred space, particularly one which is supporting spiritual growth and the embodiment of our spiritual nature within the body - as through any mind-body-spirit practice or group work. This bowl will work to support that space and all who are within it.

Frankincense Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowl

  • Please ensure that the postage costs for your bowl have been added to your invoice before payment. No bowls will be posted without the cost of postage and full insurance covered.

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