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Laughing Buddha Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

Joy - the elixir of life!

Laughter - the best medicine!

Freedom from entrapment, fears and doubts.





The Laughing Buddha Bowl is a life-enhancing sonic sparkling of pure light in childlike, playful form. It ignites wonder and curiosity in its wake.

Let go and relax into joyous celebration with the Laughing Buddha Bowl.

Encompasing the energy of divine creativity and prosperity. The prosperity that comes of accepting all that is. Of riding the wave as it comes. Of breathing in synchronicity with the World and all in it.

Biologically the body loves a good belly laugh! We release peptides and endorphins through laughter - which increase our happiness hormones and bring our inner hormonal balance into alignment.

Laughter is a life enhance!

This bowl radiates love, compassion and the hidden gifts of eastern yogic teachings in joyful, playful form - such as 'laughter yoga'.

Laughing Buddha Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

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