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Ocean Marine Gold Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowl

This bowl can enhance the immune system and activate the thymus gland.

The "We Are One" throat chakra knowing promotes shared leadership and teamwork.

The Throat Energetics of this bowl is very powerful and had my thyroid litterally 'buzzing'!

The tone of F is an additional energetic reinforcement of this bowls connection to communication 'heart-full' expression - even through the expressive aspect of creative output. 

Finding ones own voice within the resonance of the heart tone, and supporting 'bringing out' ones passion, in a creative and light way, is the calling of this bowl.

It is also expansive and light, with an element of 'playfulness' within it - it feels as freeing as a light Ocean breeze - and encourages a 'letting go' in the energy of freely moving, dancing and exploring the space that one exists within in a timeless and 'flowing' way. - this makes this bowl both a remarkable light and sonic tool for mastering the art of flow. 

Ocean Marine Gold Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowl

  • Please ensure that the postage costs for your bowl have been added to your invoice before payment. No bowls will be posted without the cost of postage and full insurance covered.

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