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Pink Himalayan Salt Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowl

This bowl is holding a high cleansing property for the soul and body. It is a balancer of the minerals within the body and also an energiser.

It simultaneously cleanses the auric field and clears the environment of toxic energy vibrations and brings a calming aspect into the heart and lungs.

The deep tone of this bowl is also very calming - as it moves through you it brings a peace that comes with knowing that everything is in its place and there is order in the World. The salt crystals and crystalline quartz create that harmonising effect and amplify it out through the environment, bringing a wave of peace and calm in through the energy body to settle and reinforce a state of calm that comes through such a state of deep cleansing.

Pink Himalayan Salt provides grounding and balance for the heart and emotions. A balanced, centered core connects to the earth, the salt of the earth found in the Sacred Himalayan Mountains. Allow the full hearted playfulness of your inner child to flow with ancient memories and wisdom with the Pink Himalayan Salt Bowl

Pink Himalayan Salt Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowl

£1,256.00 Regular Price
£1,170.00Sale Price
  • Please ensure that the postage costs for your bowl have been added to your invoice before payment. No bowls will be posted without the cost of postage and full insurance covered.

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