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An MBD Film: From Fear to Faith - Part 2

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

From Fear to Faith was the title of the Crystalline Soul Incantation (CSI) that underpins the soundtrack of this short film.

The energetic of the CSI was identified to address the primal fears that arise in times of War across the World, or indeed in times of Pandemic, and to facilitate its movement from a feeling of fear towards a feeling of faith.

The experience of this 'felt fear' is not only a reaction to the old adversaries of war, famine and disease, but it is also one which is specifically personal and internal. Therefore, in this sense the CSI is universal to each of our own individual conflicts that are based on the underlying energy of fear.

A Universal and Individual Feeling
Feeling Fear

Our fears are simultaneously built upon both the 'Known' and the 'Unknown'. We apply something we believe "we know to be true" and project that onto something which is not yet true, or has not yet occurred.

This combination of the 'known' with the 'unknown' is a powerful and intoxicating blend of what we believe to be "truth" (which is based on everything we think we 'know') with our powerfully creative human mind - 'our imagination'.

What unifies these seemingly divergent experiences of 'knowing' and 'imagining', is that both are built upon our 'ideas' or our 'thoughts'. These are not simply any thoughts, but are fundamental 'beliefs' which make up the way in which we see the world, ourselves and our potential future in the world.

Fear relies on belief.

Ironically, it may be that Faith is the antidote to that felt sense of fear. (Whilst similar to belief, 'faith' is embodied in more power).

This film is simply the 'CSI' of the journey that recognises the inner voice that speaks to us, and tells us its 'truth' . . . Programming our body and its responses as it does so.

We can chose to listen to the voice of fear, or we can question if that is really what we want - for ourselves, our family, our community and our future world... ?

We can chose to acknowledge the inner voices and 'hear them' for the truth of what they truly are - and we can chose to continue to listen to them, or to open up new doorways to new voices and new thoughts and ideas.

This film (above) is the second of 2 films. It provides an additional monologue on top of the origional first film, that speaks directly to the conscious mind, about the way it sees and understands what it believes to be 'truth'. It invites us to accept the emergence of the feeling of fear, but to move beyond it into the empty spaces that can navigate our separations and our differences. This monologue was laid directly over the original CSI.

Below the rainbow
From Fear to Faith

About "From Fear to Faith - Part 1"

How is the first film different to this 2nd film?

And how can you chose to utilise these films for your own benefit?

The first original film ONLY provides the Crystalline Soul Incantation (CSI) that speaks (without words) to the energy body. It can be utilised as a sound based meditation on a regular basis. It redirects the energy body to open to the possibility of accepting and integrating a new felt-thinking experience; which in turn helps move our mind and body towards a new experience that is based on faith - rather than fear.

It can be watched Here

This film was created by Deborah - also working and known as 'The Mind Body Detective'. Deborah creates CSI for individuals who want to address and embark upon a new energetic potential in their own lives. She also helps individuals overcome emotional issues, improve their health and wellbeing through MBD Energetic Practices. Visit

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