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EFT as an essential ‘Tool’ for Personal Transformation

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We know that EFT along with other new therapies are powerful tools for personal transformation.

They are also now more widely acknowledged as being highly effective for people with severe emotional trauma - including PTSD.

Even the NHS is adopting the use of EFT to support patients with highly traumatic diagnoses, such as those receiving ongoing treatments in areas such as Oncology.

Trauma associated with thyroid issues is often hidden in our unconscious, but is an essential element to address when working with the Emotional Root Causes of your disease.

This was one of the tools I used personally to achieve my Hypothyroidfree state of remission - and it is included as an important 'tool' in the Butterfly Wings Program for self-recovery.

This article in Huffington Post discusses the use of EFT with Veterans.

However, it may be of general interest to many people, with regards to its usefulness in overcoming all forms of emotional trauma... and as we know, Stress and emotional trauma sit at the heart of much physical 'dis-ease' and chronic biological dysfunction.


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