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A Different Approach to Your Thyroid Problem

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A New Thyroid Program begins this Summer (starting in June). Unlike any Thyroid program you may have worked previously, this will help you to uncover the important emotional root causes of thyroid dysfunction and get you working on your own specific issues, in order to make positive changes that may take your body out of the Thyroid Stress it has become accustomed to.

Becoming Hypothyroid Free was one of the biggest parts of my own journey!

When told I had a dysfunctional under-active thyroid (3 months after giving birth to my first child), my first response to my doctor was that I did not want to be reliant upon the medication he was telling me that I would require for the remainder of my life.

However, it soon became apparent to me that even with the taking of regular levothyroxine, my symptoms were not abated.

I searched for alternative methods of improving my health and wellbeing, and in my 20’s found that Reflexology was a great support to the overall improvement of my thyroid and other symptoms.

I trained as a Reflexologist in my 20’s and continued upon my thyroid journey, but itwas not until my 40’s that I discovered a New 'Meta Perspective' to my disease, which completely changed the way I approached my thyroid dysfunction. This Meta Perspective gave me an insight into the overall intelligence of my body - and helped me to see that my thyroid was dysfunctioning for specific reasons, connected to how I was seeing myself, my life and the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing!

By addressing the Emotional Root Causes and exploring the ‘Meta Conscious’ themes that were moulding my beliefs and behaviours (which were keeping my thyroid in a chronic state of stress), I was able to understand and then to implement long-term changes that positively impacted my thyroid function.

After 18 months of Mind Body Detective Change Work focused upon improving my thyroid dysfunction, the 18 previous years of chronic thyroid disease were addressed and the way my body had been working was re-written.

The Mind Body Detective Change Work is one aspect of The Butterfly Wings Program, which facilitates a complete re-education of our individual understanding of the way in which the Mind, Body and Emotions combine to inform the biological functioning.

It is our Mind, Emotions and Body, working together, which either keeps our physical and cellular functions either in a state of health and balance, or alternatively in a state of dis-ease and imbalance.

If you would like to address YOUR Thyroid Problem with a totally new approach which will uncover the ways of thinking and behaving which may be keeping your thyroid dysfunctional, then this Butterfly Wings Program may be for you!





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