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Brain Fog and Celery Juice

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

There are some important areas to address in terms of emotional and psychological stress that are also key players in addressing the symptom of ‘brain fog’.

The link with EBV in the liver is not surprising - even when considering the Meta Health reasons for the purpose of this virus being there.

But we can always consider the individual steps we can make each day to empower ourselves, facilitate self-help and to continue making self-empowered choices based on the knowledge and awareness we have made ourselves aware of.

Here is a link to the inspired dietary advice from the Medical Medium... who is the biggest advocate for Celery Juice...

For some, this may provide a huge key to improving biological function and creating the best cellular environment possible for self-healing to occur.

This can be done whilst working on changing the MBD (Mind Body Detective) psycho-emotional patterns of stress that may be perpetuating our ill health.

If you want to join a supported 'self-help' Program to uncover, understand and work on these psych-emotional patterns of stress, please check out The Mind Body Detectives 'Butterfly Wings Program' and consider starting your 6 month journey to empowered change by addressing the emotional causes of the thyroid.


Read the thoughts of The Medical Medium

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