I will sometimes get asked why do some people get a particular disease, or illness, when others do not.

It is a really good question, and one which begins to make sense when we look at and honour the mind-body connection. The links between our mind and how our body is interpreting the mind.

The links between mind and body are all about keeping us functioning, alive and well. Our body makes many millions of decisions about what it should do on a cellular level, every nano-second of every living moment. We do not have to consciously think about whether our cells require more 'energy' to function, we let all of the unconscious components of our body just 'get on' and do it. We know, or expect, that if we face a moment when we need to "run or move faster" that our body will respond correctly at that moment.

The Mind Body Detective
We don't need to put in an order for our cells to work faster!

We don't need to put in an order, write it down, order all the chemical and endocrine hormone ingredients to get the job done. We don't have to email our pancreas, or message every cell of the body consciously to tell it to 'get more glucose' and 'use more oxygen'. We don't need to consciously think about what our body needs to do to run or move faster, the body simply interprets our need to run faster and then takes care of all the minute biological transformations and details for us! 

What is a fantastic system our bodies truly are!!

All done with little conscious input required from us for it to do all the complex work involved!

An Intelligent System!

It is a marvellously intelligent system that has allowed us to live and evolve upon this planet to be all we are right now!

But sometimes that unconscious intelligent program can 'get stuck'.

The Mind Body Detective "Getting Stuck"
Getting stuck in certain emotions or thoughts can cause the cells in our body to "get stuck" too!

It has picked up on a thought or a belief that we may not even be aware of - and it has interpreted it. Sometimes, if we get 'stuck' in those emotions or thoughts (like those we considered at the beginning of our day), and we replay them every day, our body may get 'stuck in a loop', trying to do something it believes will work for us, and keep us safe.

However, the combination of our 'stuck thinking or feeling' combined with the 'stuck' biological response - means that our body gets more and more 'out of balance', which can end up causing us to develop a dis-ease.

When we recognise that very individual person has their own mental and emotional relationship to what is going on in their life - both inside themselves, and outside of themselves - then we can begin to appreciate how these 'stuck thoughts and feelings' show up differently, in different people, as different disease patterns.

Even though we might think, by looking at someone we know well from the outside, that they can or should be able to 'get well' or overcome a problem that is making them ill. Very often, we do not appreciate that it is many small things, and the often 'unknown' events or memories that have been brought forwards (from long forgotten past events) that are still colouring the thoughts and feelings in each day.

In turn, this affects how our body is turning on (or off) biological programs that are intelligently designed to help us, but have got caught in a repeating loop.

The Mind Body Detective "Cycles of Processing"
Repeating patterns is the bodies natural way to process our experiences

This doesn't mean that our body is broken, or working incorrectly!

It simply means that the body is interpreting repeated patterns of information that is no longer serving our overall health in a positive way.

The result is an imbalance between the mind and the body.