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Foods for Blood Deficiency

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

There are many reasons why Blood Deficiency may be mentioned during your appointment with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Both herbalists and acupuncturists can assist this during treatments, but there is no doubt that there are huge benefits to be had in taking some personal responsibility to ‘build your blood’ through correct nutrition and foods.

Building blood can also be assisted by engaging in a good balance of both physical exercise and adequate rest!

Blood is essential, as it is the delivery system of so many nutrients to the cells of our body.

If our blood is optimal, we will feel a good level of energy and we will feel fully connected to our own sense of ‘self’, both spiritually and mentally.

If our blood is deficient, we will feel lethargic and tired, and will have a sense of being ‘lost’ to our true self, both spiritually and mentally!

In Western medicine, the most common diagnosis for blood deficiency is anaemia. However, in TCM there are many signs and symptoms for blood deficiency, which your acupuncturist or herbalist will ascertain through the consultation with you.

Foods for Blood Deficiency

Of all conditions, Blood Deficiency is one of the best to address every day through the foods you chose to eat!

The first thing to be mindful of is what foods to AVOID when blood deficient.

Generally, unhealthy high fat foods (unless you are eating a Keto based diet) are best kept low. However, do remember to always eat healthy fats daily - as they are an essential food!

It may be best to also reduce your intake of highly salted foods and sugars (particularly refined sugars).

In severe cases of blood deficiency animal organs are beneficial - particularly liver.

If you are a vegan, and can not contemplate eating these foods, please see the section below on ‘Supplementation and Vegan Support’.

Other meats that will particularly assist in build blood include beef, oxtail and bone marrow. Try making your own bone broth, or even purchase it already done for you! Chicken bone broth is a simple and nutritious way to get the essential minerals into your weekly diet.

Sea foods that help include oysters and mussels; squid and octopus.

Sardines are particularly rich, with seaweed and algae being super beneficial!!

Another simple rule to remember when thinking of great blood-building foods is to think “RED”!!

Red Foods

Most red foods are great for blood!!

From red grapes and apples to cherries and red berries.

Also - Think of “deeper” and darker red fruits to really get that super rich blood building capacity going - so include figs and dates! Why not add these to a rich lamb tagine!!?

Lastly, remember the deeper red legumes too - from kidney beans to black sit beans! let your eyes ‘see red’ in the foods you chose!

The red vibration that our eyes perceive holds biochemical properties that resonate with the bodies ability to build blood - so let your knowledge and your instinct help you chose healthy and safe foods to help in this!

Chlorophyl Rich Vegetables

One of the best foods to ensure you are eating every day is fresh green leafy vegetables! These are best eaten in combination with good protein.

Chlorophyll is said to be very similar to the protein ‘haemoglobin‘. There are studies which confirm that Chlorophyll rich vegetables are a wonderful food to build blood.

Think of how that rich chlorophyll helps to move oxygen through a plant, feeding and nourishing it - and then visualise those deep green veg doing just that in your own body - as they assist and strengthen your blood!

Mint and Thyme are great herbs to gain high levels of chlorophyll from, and are also beneficial for assisting our breathing capacity - again, see the link to oxygenation and blood as a carrier of oxygen throughout the body.

Supplementation and Vegan Support Another way to get extra chlorophyll into your diet is through supplementation. This can be particularly helpful for Vegans, who would absolutely not want to consider taking bone broth or animal organs.

Personally, I love Arbonne “Be Well: Superfood Greens", which can be added to smoothies or juice. It can be added into a gluten-free, Arbonne vegan pea-protein shake. Taking a good quality protein along with your greens balance or other chlorophyll rich foods is important, as this assists the body’s blood building functions and the oxygenation of blood cells.

If you would like to try Arbonne “Be Well: Superfood Greens” or Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes, please reach out and contact me. These are only available through an Arbonne Consultant, so I would be happy to assist you to purchase and introduce you to more Arbonne vegan products.

However, on balance, I would always advocate you getting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet!!

So in conclusion...

Think Red and Green fruit and veg! Eat them again and again...

Breath deep, eat mindfully and consider how your blood is most well nourished.

You may notice that many of these fruit and veg are also advocated for a ‘heart diet’.

Well of course!

What other organ would you partner with blood?


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