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Energetic Foods to Support your ‘Kidney Qi’ & The Kidney Meridian

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

When we talk about supporting the Zang Fu (organs) in Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many ways in which we can do this. Through acupuncture treatments, through herbs and also through choosing to eat the foods which will support the correct energetic stimulus that the body requires in relation to the specific excess, or deficiency, of the organs and meridians.

A Naturopathic approach to health should include multiple avenues to treat an issue - and food energetics is one way that YOU can take some control and responsibility for your own health outcomes!

Below are some ways that you can empower yourself to actively support your own Kidney Meridian and the Kidney Energy associated with it.

Food Energetics

  • Include Bone Broth as a staple food source.

  • Eat Sprouted Beans and legumes. Watch out for my post on growing your own...

  • Eat young 'shoots' of plants - such as tenderstem broccoli or baby spinach etc.

  • When choosing Beans or Legumes, particularly look out for those which are deep red or brown-red in colour

  • Kidney Beans, as their name suggests, are great for the energetic of the Kidneys.

Meditation upon the Energy of The Kidneys

  • Listen to The MBD Podcast: Fortifying our Essence And practice breathing into the Kidneys often.

  • Spend time visualising your Kidneys and send the Colour 'blue-black' as you visualise them. This is the Colour associated with this organ and the Kidney energy of Water.

Book an Acupuncture Session

Ensure you work with a reputable accredited and fully trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncturist. You can ensure this by checking out the register of practitioners on The Acupuncture Society website.

If you are in the Gloucestershire-Herefordshire-Worcestershire-Monmouthshire region, consider visiting me - The MBD - (you will find me on The Acupuncture Society website, under one of the locations of my Practice, in The Pershore Clinic).

Alternatively make an appointment to visit your local Acupuncturist.


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