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Getting to the Root Cause of your thyroid disease: Lifestyle Medicine Summit

I am excited to have been asked to speak at the upcoming Lifestyle Medicine Summit.

Understanding why the thyroid is not functioning correctly is an enigma to many people, and whilst we may be able to use blood tests to identify which hormones we have either an excess or a deficit of, these blood tests do little to help us understand "WHY" is our thyroid suddenly unable to work properly.

As a mind-body detective, its my job to look at the 'stresses' that are involved in how the thyroid is working. And in order to do this we need to understand the very specific and intelligent connection between our mind and our biology.

The thyroid, like every other part of the body, is doing a very specific job, and does that job in response to the specific and direct 'needs' that the overall human biology requires in order to stay alive! Those needs are identified as part of the overall intelligence of the whole body-mind-emotional being. Thats you and me, but in our "whole" experience of life, not just by looking at the small, individual 'part' of us that we may be believing is "broken" - in this case the thyroid!

What if your thyroid wasn't broken?

What if it was doing something smart and clever and specific, in order to look after you on a deeper level?

During the summit, I will be sharing some really practical insights into what is at the root of thyroid disease - and sprinkling some lifestyle tips on what to look for in your own mind-body-emotional life. Asking questions around how you might be able to make the changes that might help improve the function of that naughty little thyroid gland.

Along the way there will be a little bit of biology and the 'meta health' understanding which underpins the translation of the biological process into the thinking or belief system that might be affecting the thyroid functions.

I will also be inviting you to then join me on a free follow up webinar, which will look a little further into how you can start to address the issues around your thyroid function on a daily level. So look out for the chance to sign up to that (during and directly after my talk at the summit), but also directly after the summit, when I will be sharing this chance to really start to understand what is at the root cause of your thyroid dysfunction from a mind-body-emotional perspective! But more importantly, what you can start to do to make healthy changes!


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