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Helping to raise awareness of Complementary Therapies in supporting Mental and Emotional Health

As a practitioner who works with Complimentary Therapies, I know how important these can be to support both mental and emotional health.

my whole practice focuses on the inter-relationship of the mind, the body and the energetic and emotional aspect of our spirit.

It is my belief that when we have an imbalance in one area of our life, it will naturally filter out through various layers to interact with all of the other areas. Many of us know this instinctively.

It is no surprise then, that in the current situation that many people find themselves in during a second ‘lockdown’, that they are noticing significant impacts on their emotional or psychological health. It is in this respect that I feel the complementary health services really can excel in supporting individuals to maintain a balanced state of mind-body-spirit.

They are also natural therapies to support individuals who recognise that they need additional support, but perhaps do not want to engage the currently over-burdened and stretched National Health Services.

With this in mind the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) have pulled together a short survey to compile feedback to approach the government with a request to keep complimentary health services open during these times of Covid.

This action would support individuals emotional and mental health (which is an area that complementary health excels in) and simultaneously also support the NHS and our local GP services by reducing some of the doctors referrals from these social symptoms of the current Covid crisis.

Please would you take literally 1 minute to click on the link below to complete the CMA survey...

Thank you for your time :)


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