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The Mind-Body Detective

Over the last six years I have been studying and practicing as a Meta Health Master Practitioner, a Meta Health Trainer and most recently as a Meta Health Expert in Thyroid Dysfunction.

My own journey has been one of deep personal, professional and also spiritual learning. But isn't that the stuff of all great  journeys?

One of the greatest and most life affirming and empowering learnings for me, was when I really 'got' that the body is a precise and intelligent 'machine', whose form reflects function. With function reflecting something which I began to see as being the divine intelligence of the 'mind' behind it.

In this perfect merging of form and function, I began to become consciously aware of the divine manifestation of purpose, becoming evident in the physical world.  This is the basics of all "Creation", or creative activities...

In its simplest form, we can 'get' the connection between mind and body, when we reflect a little on how our thoughts of the day direct what we do inside that day!

How our thoughts, feelings and expectations directly influence how we 'create' our day.

Lets look at some examples of how we might be 'setting our emotional wavelength' for the new day:

As we rise in the morning, we might 'feel' for whether the weather is good or not so good - maybe the presence of sun, or snow, or rain will affect our emotional wellbeing.

Equally, we may wake from a renewing sleep, only to remember the anger or the upset that we experienced the day before. If we allow it all to come flooding back into our mind, and if we chose to re-connect with that old emotion, our new emotional state for the new day may well follow the same course. In a way, we are deciding (even if unconsciously) to still be 'angry' or 'bitter' about the same situation - continuing the energetic pattern and carrying all those emotions forwards into the new day.

The mind can easily connect to past memories, or can instead connect to or create new possibilities. What we think, we create. How we see things, is what colours our experiences of the life we live.

Have you ever woken from a dream, that has gone on to flavour your emotions? Being 'haunted' by those feelings for the rest of the day, even though you may have no idea what they were about, or why you are feeling them...

How we wake, and what we decide to focus our attention on is a primary aspect of how we will approach the rest of our day.

It governs the experiences that we create, and the experiences that we receive.

Whilst our emotions may colour how we approach our day, our thoughts may direct the 'what' or 'where' of our day. They shape where we go, who we visit, the activities we engage in. Before we do many of the activities in each day, we have thought about them and planned them (either to a large or a small degree) in order to execute them.

We can see then, that the form of our day is moulded by our emotions and our thoughts.

Similarly, our body is directed to produce the right amounts of hormones, chemicals, and execute the correct biological functions that will enable us both to be and to do what our day requires of us.


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