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Meta-Health Magic!

A Magical Awareness My journey to discovering Meta Health came through a series of interestingly, and synchronistically magical connections.

Magical because the manifestation of the answer to a question I had been asking the Universe, God, my Higher Power or Source, or whatever you would like to call that Unified Field of Creation, came in the midst of an airport bookshop, but was also a highly Mystical and Affirming confirmation that I was on 'the right path'. (see blog "Synchronicity as a confirmation of Co-Creative Unity")

Magical also, because to me, the discovery of Meta Health - was the discovery of an intelligent program that joined the dots between the perceptions of the mind, the emotional experience and the biological response, both in the brain and in the specific body tissue. It was an affirmation of the most profound and awe-inspiring poetry of Creation that I could see occurring in my body - in my life - in every experience I was having and had already experienced over the last twenty years! It was the affirmation that the intelligence behind the biological response was linked to an even higher intelligence as far as I could understand it.

My illness had a rhyme - a rhythm and a reason - and if I listened to it, it had a secret to tell me that would unfold a new level of awareness and understanding beyond that I already knew!

It was a paradigm shifting moment when I recognised the reality of the design behind the belief that I had always had - that even in my disease there was an order and a perfection to whatever I was experiencing!

That the disease or illness itself was a window for me to peer into the hidden parts of myself and uncover the whisperings of my Soul!

For I could see that my disease was an intelligent response to the threat that my subconscious mind perceived.

When I finally understood the series of events in my life that connected together in a way that made me believe the repeating thoughts I had, such as: "I have no choices, no options other than to accept my situation", "there is nothing I can do to change this hopeless situation" and other thoughts, I was then able to see how these thoughts (which when I repeated often enough, become my beliefs) were triggering my physical body to respond in a way that was causing my disease!

I recognised that my subconscious mind was itself participating, along with my conscious mind, to create a conflicting psychological experience.

All the time that conflict was not able to be resolved by my own means, my body would never be able to break free of the biological response that it was caught up in. It was a response that was meant to 'help' me, but when prolonged over time, it became a biological hindrance rather than a help.

How does Meta Heath Help? Meta Health helps us to understand the connections between our thoughts, our feelings, our experiences and our biological responses to those experiences.

It explains why events, or experiences that appear to be the 'same' on the outside (i.e. being in a car crash, or witnessing a violent attack for example), is experienced by each individual of that event or experience in an entirely specific and individual way.

So, for example, three individuals who all witness the same violent attack will all respond differently to what they see, hear or feel, based on their own individual previous life experiences; how they think and feel individually about what they have experienced or witnessed will be entirely specific to that person, and will link to their own individual thoughts, feelings and beliefs about what they have experienced. So, whilst the first person may be triggered into a state of depression and anxiety because the violent attack itself will make them feel endangered and unsafe in the World - their response will be directed by their own fear of the future and a huge feeling of being overwhelmed and impotent to be able to do anything about it! Meanwhile, the second person may be triggered into 'attack mode' - they may become an aggressor and run to defend the person they perceive as being the 'victim'. This behaviour may be triggered because they believe strongly that it is their role to defend the weak and the vulnerable. Their sense of injustice is fuelled by a high degree of conviction that they can or will make a difference and are moved to action as the scene unfolds. The third person is the carer, or nurturer - they are instantly directed by their own inner beliefs and values to help the victim in a personal way - connecting to them emotionally and attending to their emotional and physical needs in the moment of need.

Each of these three people have had a unique experience of the same external event. But what they believe about themselves and the world plays a huge part in how they respond in the moment. How they chose to respond affects the hormones that are released in their bodies and the biological systems that respond immediately to enable them to do whatever they are compelled to do, based on their thoughts, emotions and capabilities.

So we see that the way we perceive our environment on an individual psychological, emotional, or physical level, involves a relationship between both the conscious and the subconscious mind. This initiates a biological response that it perceives to be the only way to temporarily resolve the stressful situation.

Our biological responses are always appropriate to our own perception of any situation, and happen in small individual events or experiences that affect us every day. If we are constantly being 'triggered' by a stressful situation, thought, belief or circumstance - even if it is a low level stress - over time, our body systems, which are designed to respond and then return to an equalised or balanced state (called homeostasis) become caught is a cycle that is never allowed to end and rebalance. This is when we can become unwell: dis-ease (or disease) is when we are never able to return to a state of ease or balance in our biological response. We may also notice that we never 'rest', our mind is always racing around, trying to 'thin' about the problems, find solutions, we are anxious or unhappy or suffer from unhealthy emotional states.

In our own disease, the 'stressor' which is causing our biological reactions may not always be known to us consciously, or be obvious to us in every case -the 'stressor' may need some uncovering to get to the one moment, or the many moments that we had such a traumatic experience to cause our body to become chronically or acutely unwell - and it is always connected to a thought or a belief that we absolutely 'own' as our own truth. Thoughts like "the World is a dangerous place", "It's my job to heal everyone" or "I'm powerless to change anything". These thoughts define HOW we see things around us, and they precede HOW we act and how our BODY ACTS or responds in the moment. Sometimes those moments are not even recognised as a 'trauma' by us, or others - because they are so 'small', but somehow they are connected to something which means something 'bigger' to us, and will always be connected to a bigger more important event somewhere in our past!

In terms of my hypothyroid disease, Meta Health helped me to recognise that as long as my thoughts (conscious or not) about my stress remained the same, year after year, my biology was never going to be able to get out of the cycle of stress and regeneration that makes up the disease pattern.

My hypothyroidism, just like every other disease pattern, was my body's intelligent cellular response which became the biological solution to the stress I perceived in my own daily life. My body would continue to respond in this way until such a time I might be able to find a permanent solution to the stress that I perceived!

The Thyroid

The destruction of my thyroid gland occurred as a direct result of my literally not being able to respond to a threatening situation - either by running away, or by fighting it. Caught in a prolonged state of 'freeze', (as I never fully resolved that conflict then, or within the next 20 years!) my body acted appropriately, and destroyed the tissue that would otherwise become responsible for me 'acting' - potentially in an unsafe way! Every time that I experienced or thought that I was in that same conflicting situation again and again, the biological program was triggered into further stress, interceded by little gaps of restoration. However, no thorough resolution of the conflict came until I finally understood what had caused the initial conflict. This was pin-pointed through a Meta-Health analysis.

Once I understood and recognised the initial traumatic moment (which occurred during the process of a Meta Health analysis, combined with EFT) that had triggered the destruction of my thyroid tissue, and then I committed to work consistently on that and the other issues that grew out of it over the next nine to twelve months, I was able to fully resolve the energy and the beliefs that I had formulated around the conflict that had created that thyroid program!

Lastly - one further piece of magic occurred: once my body was able to regain a state of homeostasis, which occurs when the body is allowed to complete a full period of the restoration phase (without being re-triggered back into stress) it physically began to regrow the previously destroyed thyroid tissue and therefore restore its proper function.

The regrowth of thyroid tissue is considered most unusual by the allopathic medical system, particularly after twenty years, as my endocrinologists letter states:

"In Summary, this lady is clearly euthyroid despite no thyroxine supplements and the only explanations I can give are that she may have compensated with growth of the thyroid for the previous hypothyroidism and her thyroxine supplements will clearly have suppressed her TSH previously. Finally, because the thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease, there may elements in reducing stress and other lifestyle measures which may have supported her immune system and reduced the effect of the autoimmune disease"

Endocrinologist - Anonymous

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