The Innercalm Series - Natures Pharmacy

Finding InnerCalm in Nature

There are many ways for us to take individual responsibility for our health and wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle is made up of a healthy diet, balanced mental and physical exercise and of course, time for the body itself to find its own inner balance, through periods of rest and repair.

For many people, overcoming their almost perpetual state of stress and also their individual experiences of anxiety are up in the top health considerations for modern living.

Becoming mindful of what it is we truly need, is a great start; and remembering to find 'time' to nourish our mind, body and soul may seem like just another item on the ever-growing 'to-do' list, or it can be a voyage of excitement and discovery.

So one of the things that always calls my attention, and speaks to my soul, is anything that helps me to connect into the natural world, and especially into the world of colour and vibration. Nature has a way of satisfying my spirit in a way that nothing else does. It makes me feel 'connected' and even protected.

Walking in nature helps me to release my worries, planting my flowers in garden pots, or into the soil of the earth brings me into a state of pure acceptance. Just being in the moment, enjoying the coolness of the soil, even digging the dirt out from under my nails is strangely satisfying!

Images and sounds of nature are also panaceas for almost all ills. Getting out into the fresh air, observing a vast panoramic view - all these things release my mind from any state of 'trapped-ness' that it may be experiencing in that moment.

Foods and Spices are another reminder from nature that we are surrounded by the colours, smells and tastes of a vibrant and glorious world. Even todays blog image makes me want to smile - and even sing a little!! I get uplifted and renewed by just seeing the vibrant orange of the Saffron against the yellow Turmeric and vibrant blue indigo. Amber shards of ginger crystals are more muted, along with the deep red of the chilli and rich hue of the dates...all of it reminds me of what joy there is in the exploration of what the world has to offer me...what delights there still might be for me to taste...

I'm always deeply moved too, by the extraordinary gift that each of these miraculous plants has to offer us. A cornucopia of natural chemical catalysts, nutritional elements, some of which we know, and many of which we are still yet to discover, identify and name. None-the-less, our bodies recognise a language that exists between our own cells and those nutritional gifts from nature. Like our experience of walking in the woods, watching a sunset, or gazing out across the ocean to the horizon, we 'feel' the benefit that they bring to us, even when we cannot 'name' it, or categorise it in chemical form.

Arbonnes InnerCalm

As some of you may know, I am an advocate of Arbonne, and so I am excited to share one of their new releases with you!

This little package combines ashwaganda, saffron and L-theanine into a beautiful harmonious pick me-up. I love it on two levels:

1) It goes together with a little skin care package that helps to nourish skin inside and out.

(This package combines the 'SuperCalm' skin range and the 'InnerCalm Peach Green Tea Powder')

2) It is a 'stand-alone' haven of calm in our busy lives, providing powerful herbal benefits for mind and body.

This Innercalm Peach Green Tea Powder is Vegan, gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients. It is an amino acid and adaptogenic botanical blend that supports feelings of emotional wellbeing. (People with known medical conditions, or those who may be pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before use).

It has minimal ingredients, so that you are getting more of each ingredient that is included because it knows how to pack a powerful punch of 'goodness' into your system.