The MBD Podcast #005 Fortifying our Essence

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Welcome to the transcript of this weeks Podcast - all about "Fortifying our Essence - Focusing on the Breath and the Kidneys"

I want to talk to you today about fortifying our essence. And although that can sound like quite a grand and even ‘ephemeral’ idea, it is a fundamental aspect for us to think about if we want to nurture our essences, or our personal energy and bring balance and health to our personal energy system, and if we are interested in the idea of having a long and healthy life!

So today I want to talk to you a little about TCM and the aspect of the kidneys and the lungs in relationship to fortifying our essence.

The MBD Podcast #005 Fortifying the Essence
The MBD Podcast #005 Fortifying the Essence

The Kidneys are known to be the organs associated with something referred to as the “ROOT OF LIFE” - they are connected with the idea or energy of ‘Vitality’ and our potential to live a long and healthy life (‘longevity’). They are responsible for storing something called “JING” and we can think of this (in the West) as a form of ‘Essence’ - a dynamic, aspect of a non-physical living force. Our ‘QI’ - that essence of energy which motivates and moves all of life itself.

There’re two types of JING - one is Pre-Heavenly (that which we are born with) and the other is Post-Heavenly JING (that which we acquire and transform through life).

Pre-Heavenly essence (JING), is a one that we are born with, that from the moment of conception that is part of our ‘pre-Heavenly’ program - that aspect of our ‘SELF’, our essence that we ‘come here’ (to Earth) to live with on this physical Earth plane!

Then we have our Post Heavenly Essence (JING) is that which is acquired through ‘ingestion’. Through “taking in” aspects that are external to our body (air, water, foods) and we transform those through our bodily functions, through the digestion and the assimilation of the foods we eat; through the breath, the air that we breath. This can also be cultivated by taking part in activities such as qi gong, tai chi, meditation…through these very traditional and ancient practices which enable us to cultivate and to contain a build up of qi energy as we practice through the body itself.

There are also foods that are helpful to kidney jing - foods that contain the ‘essence’ of life itself. Often these are broths - bone broths and chicken broth that hold strong aspects of ‘qi’ within them.

Chicken Stock supports Kidney Jing
Chicken Stock supports Kidney Jing

This pre heavenly jing is a well of finite essence. It is allocated from conception (for the duration of our spiritual purpose during our Earthly lifetime), and can be directed through that genetic pool of information that we receive through our parents. It is thought of as a pool, which is finite, but it is gifted from this infinite pool of essence therefore it is connected to the infinite, even though that is being ‘contained’ in a vessel and therefore becomes finite.

There are some that do not believe that PHJ can extend to, or add to this pre-heavenly essence, but there are others that believe that we can increase this ‘pool’ of essence through the good usage of our daily essence and by following practices that foster and cultivate additional post-heavenly essence within our system.

Kidney JING is the Essence of “QI” - “QI” is the ‘energy’ that moves all life.

JING is the ‘Essence’ - that primal motivating “LIFE FORCE”, whereas ‘qi’ is the movement aspect of that. The Kidney is also the basis for physical Matter, and involved in the building of ‘blood’. The ‘building of blood’ is the physical aspect of that life force. So we have to have the physical vessel, but we also have to have the energy which animates and moves that - therefore qi and blood are integrally linked, and the balance of the qi and blood are essential for good health and longevity.

Fundamentally at the root of all illness, or disease, is an imbalance which is being caused by an excess or deficiency of qi or blood, in either this physical or non-physical aspect.

The second aspect that we are going to work with today is the Lungs.