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The MBD Podcast #006: The Energy of Anxiety with Guest Ann Bowditch

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

To Listen to the MBD Podcast #006 - The Energy of Anxiety with Guest Ann Bowditch Visit PODBEAN

This is the first of my interviews with other therapists, energists, artists and authors

Ann Bowditch has recently published her book 'The Energy of Anxiety', which we discuss throughout this interview. You can purchase Ann's book "THE ENERGY OF ANXIETY' on Amazon

I say 'interview' very loosely, as this first guest podcast is more of a 'conversation' between friends - which is not surprising, as Ann has been a good friend of mine for many years now!

Throughout this podcast, our conversation weaves through various topics - from the nature of the work that Ann does to what brought her to become the therapist that she now is - living and working on the beautiful island of Guernsey.

Ann tells us how she has her own unique 'blended style' of working that has evolved over time, but also says that it is the 'beliefs' work she does with her clients that she personally finds to be the single greatest empowering aspect of her work!

Ann discusses how she helps people shift their old beliefs using a wonderful technique called Matrix Reimprinting,, which has been developed by Karl Dawson.

We then also spend a joyful time discussing our shared love of the Colour Mirrors System (a system that uses coloured glass bottles for facilitating energy work) that was created by Melissie Jolly.

With randomly intersected ramblings on various other topics, including

  • the experience of being a performer and the nature of flow

  • where we can find "solutions to our problems" in 'the creative zone'

  • accessing the subconscious mind

  • Letting go - and getting into a state of flow

Ann brings two of her favourite songs to share with us:

Snatam Kaur & Peter Kay - Carry Me

Queen - Don't Stop me now


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