The MBD Podcast #008 Corona Virus MBD Themes + "Freedom" Song

Transcript of the Podcast available to listen on Podbean

This meditative "audioscape" piece highlights the

MBD Themes associated with the Corona C-19 Virus (see upcoming blog) - and reminds us that in terms of a 'Meta' viewpoint, that the virus indicates a global and collective opportunity for healing.

The themes are propositioned within the 'tonal sound bed' that assists us to integrate this and to process these themes on a deeper level.

The Song "Freedom" by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton is embedded at the end of this audio-scape.

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The MBD Audio-scape Monologue:

"Remembering that viruses are part of a healing process...

Part of that process of our body, mind and spirit (that is) finding a way to come into balance not only with itself, but with the environment.

And in cases of viral outbreaks this is a shared healing amongst all of humanity!

Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, children friends colleagues.

We connect through our mind our body our spirit.

It is a connection through all of us in this time and place.

Considering the corona virus...

Considering its "creation" and the "energy" that lies behind the virus.

Think about...

How it is that we find ourselves in a place or (feeling) a sense of freedom

(a feeling) of being released,

of being able to move anywhere we want...

to express ourselves any way we like...

to move and talk freely

Without fear!

Without (a feeling of) being contained...

Without being "boundaried"

Freely and lovingly being able to express our truth

Our inner most "TRUTHS"!

It is a healing from an inner belief that we must not speak up!

It is a healing from a sense of separation from all those around us.

From the society in which we live.

From our brothers and sisters.

It is a healing from this inner-most "Self" that believes it must remain



That it must hide its innermost truth.

The virus is a healing of that (belief we must remain hidden and silent)...

(It is) A confirmation that as a living-loving group of humans,

that we are healing this deep wound that has been inflicted upon us over many generations!