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The Mind-Body Detective

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Over the last six years I have been studying and practicing as a Meta Health Master Practitioner, a meta health trainer and most recently as a meta health expert in Thyroid Dysfunction.

My own journey has been one of deep personal, professional and also spiritual learning. But isn't that the stuff of all great journeys?

One of the greatest and most life affirming and empowering learnings for me, was when I really 'got' that the body is a precise and intelligent 'machine', whose form reflects function. With function reflecting the divine intelligence of the 'mind' behind it.

In this perfect merging of form and function, the divine manifestation of purpose becomes evident in the physical world.

In its simplest form, we can 'get' this connection when we reflect a little on how our thoughts of the day direct what we do inside that day.

Lets look at some examples of how we might be 'setting our emotional wavelength' for the new day:

As we rise in the morning, we might 'feel' for whether the weather is good or not so good - maybe the presence of sun, or snow, or rain will affect our emotional wellbeing.

Equally, we may wake from a renewing sleep, only to remember the anger or the upset that we experienced the day before. If we allow it all to come flooding back into our mind, and if we chose to re-connect with that old emotion, our new emotional state for the new day may well follow the same course. In a way, we are deciding (even if unconsciously) to still be 'angry' or 'bitter' about the same situation - continuing the energetic pattern and carrying all those emotions forwards into the new day.

We may have woken from a dream, that flavours our emotions - and the rest of the day will be 'haunted' by those feelings, even though we do not know what they were about, or why we are feeling them...

How we wake, and what we decide to focus our attention on is a primary aspect of how we will approach the rest of our day.

Whilst our emotions may colour how we approach our day, our thoughts may direct the 'what' or 'where' of our day. They shape where we go, who we visit, the activities we engage in. Before we do many of the activities in each day, we have thought about them and planned them (either to a large or a small degree) in order to execute them.

We can see then, that the form of our day is moulded by our emotions and our thoughts.

Similarly, our body is directed to produce the right amounts of hormones, chemicals, and execute the correct biological functions that will enable us both be and do what our day requires of us.


I will sometimes get asked why do some people get a particular disease, or illness, when others do not.

It is a really good question, and one which begins to make sense when we look at and honour the mind-body connection. The links between our mind and how our body is interpreting the mind.

The links between mind and body are all about keeping us functioning, alive and well. Our body makes many millions of decisions about what it should do on a cellular level, every nano-second of every living moment. We do not have to consciously think about whether our cells require more 'energy' to function, we let all of the unconscious components of our body just 'get on' and do it. We know, or expect, that if we face a moment when we need to "run faster" that our body will respond correctly at that moment. We don't need to put in an order, write it down, order all the chemical and endocrine hormone ingredients to get the job done. We don't have to email our pancreas, or message every cell of the body consciously to tell it to 'get more glucose' and 'use more oxygen'. The body interprets our need to "run faster" and then does everything else for us!

That is a fantastic system - with little conscious input required from us for it to work!

It is a marvellously intelligent system that has allowed us to live and evolve upon this planet to be all we are right now.

But sometimes that unconscious intelligent program can 'get stuck'.

It has picked up on a thought or a belief that we may not even be aware of - and it has interpreted it. Sometimes, if we get 'stuck' in those emotions or thoughts (like those we considered at the beginning of our day), and we replay them every day, our body may get 'stuck in a loop', trying to do something it believes will work for us, and keep us safe.

However, the combination of our 'stuck thinking or feeling' combined with the 'stuck' biological response - means that our body gets more and more 'out of balance', which can end up causing us to develop a dis-ease.

Because of this, we can begin to recognise that every individual person has their own relationship to what is going on in their life - both inside themselves, and outside of themselves.

Even though we might think, by looking at someone we know well from the outside, that they can or should be able to 'get well' or overcome a problem that is making them ill. Very often, we do not appreciate that it is many small things, and often 'unknown' events or memories that we have brought forwards with us (from long forgotten past events) that are still colouring how we feel and act in our day. This in turn affects how our body is turning on (or off) biological programs that are designed to help us.

This doesn't mean that our body is broken, or working incorrectly, but that there is an imbalance between the mind and the body. Each trying to do its best to navigate its way through the new day!

Equally, it is important to also recognise that we are not consciously 'causing our disease'. That we are not responsible for it. That there is no judgement around the 'why' of the disease. Neither are we "making ourself ill". Fundamentally, the body is doing what it has learned to do, and something which has served it well up until now. There are often multiple aspects to a disease, some of which are internal, and others which are external. Knowing and understanding the role of 'stress' within our own disease process is the magical gift that Meta Health provides - as it shines a light on the part of our life that we actually CAN ADDRESS - that we can make a difference to. Simply by becoming aware of our thoughts, our responses to those thoughts and by finding easy solutions to change our old patterns of behaviour towards them.

In this way, we are able to make a significant contribution towards our own healing.

For me - this was the beauty and power of Meta Health! And it is a gift that I am happy, indeed passionate to share with others.

Combined with using energy psychology and emotional healing techniques, this new understanding and awareness can help us step out of the cycles that might otherwise keep us held in patterns of disease.

In addition, these tools and techniques can be used with allopathic medicine or other energy healing modalities. But they proved us each with a way to begin the healing journey through our own pathway - and not only by being reliant on other people trying to 'fix us' from the outside!

This video explains a little, how it is our perceptions that affect how we act. These in turn, direct the chemicals and hormones that inform our internal bio-logical responses.

These may be very different for different people, even though they may be outwardly experiencing the same event.

If you are interested in learning about Meta Health, or any of the energy techniques that I use, I would love to teach you.

You can learn through one-to-one sessions, by taking live group classes, or through online trainings with live webinars and support groups.

I have devised a complete program for those with thyroid issues (as that was my personal background), but am also now reaching out to provide help and support for people who are experiencing other diseases or dysfunctions.

If you would like to begin the journey of understanding your own disease at a deeper level, then you might like to join The Mind-Body Detective group on facebook.

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