The Thyroid Detective Series is part of the larger writings in 'The Mind-Body Detective Series'.

These are sets of writings that will explore the mind-body connections to many of the symptoms that are associated with particular diseases.

Over time, the Mind-Body Detective Series will become a collective resource to provide an understanding of the framework that underpins the mind-body-emotion connections that are part of the whole experience of disease and ill-health. Expanding beyond only thyroid dysfunction, to cover other illnesses.

In order for this series of writings to be of use, I would love to hear from those of you who would like some understanding or guidance on your own illness or disease. I will then write answers for your questions relating to how or why your body might be doing what it is doing, in terms of the mind-body perspective

We all know that "STRESS" is a leading cause of illness and disease. But how many of us are aware that the body is responding very specifically by adapting particular organs or tissues as an intelligent response to a thought or belief?

Think about often is our stress built as we are engaged in our everyday life. When we are not actually in immediate danger, but we are worrying about something that might happen, could happen, or is going to happen (possibly or probably) some time in the future...?

Looking at and understanding the mind-body-emotion connection to our dis-ease is one way that you can begin to actively look at ways to improve your overall health and well-being.

Very often, when we look at our health in this way, there are numerous small steps that we can take to make:

  • lifestyle changes

  • habit or pattern changes

  • deeper psychological changes (these might be how we think and feel about our self, our situation and our expectations for example)

This is often the flip side of the 'health coin' that is overlooked, or only briefly mentioned in many cases of health interventions.

And whilst some people may be happy to receive medication and continue with their daily lives, there are a growing number of people who are mindful that their disease may just be 'telling them something' more deep and profound.

There is no good or bad way to address your own experiences of health, or disease. No-one can tell you that your approach or thoughts around your own situation and health is right or wrong. We are all individuals - and we have different needs, thinking, experiences and symptoms.

Some may react well to pharmaceuticals they are provided with, whilst others may have a different experience.

When we address our health from multiple aspects that include our own thinking, our emotions, our experiences and our beliefs, we begin to understand how all of these different aspects inform and shape our lives - and our health!

When we address our health issues in this way, we are no longer completely and only reliant on 'other people' to fix us - but we can begin on the pathway of our own journey towards health and well being.

This is a pathway that is empowering and can help us to make lifestyle and belief changes that will simultaneously support and enhance our allopathic healing.

You should always continue to receive your medical advice from specialists or general practitioners around your specific issues, but you will be able to simultaneously address them on a much deeper and more personal level in all other areas of your life.