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The Thyroid Secret

This is a free series of 9 videos which are current available to watch if you sign up with the thyroid secret. Currently on video 5, there are 9 in total. A new video is uploaded each day and the previous one is removed.

It is possible to purchase the 9 videos after the series is complete to keep for your own use.

Dr. Isabella has spent a significant period of time investigating thyroid disease and uncovering how multiple people have employed methods to relieve their suffering, and is now sharing these to a wider public.

These videos are only available to watch over the next couple of days.

In order to be able to receive them and watch them for free, please follow this link and register and you will receive the links to the videos directly into your email.

Whilst these videos are being shared freely (albeit for only 24hours each video), they are a powerhouse of great information and a powerful testimony that we are all more capable and able to take our own health and healing journey into our own hands! Whilst the traditional medical system may work for some people with thyroid disorders or diseases, there are an equal number of people who are left still suffering the debilitating symptoms of either hyper or hypothyroidism, despite being told their thyroxine levels are "within normal" range. There is a huge gap between the knowledge of our average GP's and the reality of what it means to treat our thyroid and our greater body system in a way that will enable and facilitate our body's self-healing mechanisms; yet here, in this series of videos, we meet, again and again, people who have ventured out beyond the boundaries of Western medicine, to uncover and be active participants on their own thyroid journey.

It is truly inspiring and yes - even a relief - to find that there are multiple people across the world who are at last not only searching and finding solutions to their thyroid issues, but also beginning to share their journeys, their findings and their healing stories.

For once we begin to see and acknowledge one, two or more healing journeys, then we truly begin to access the potential for our own healing to journey to begin!

The great gift of this series is that it gives PERMISSION for others to dare to believe that they may engage in other ways of addressing their own experience of thyroid disorders.

It is true that there is a great deal of worry and concern around departing from traditional medical pathways, but in my experience, I have never met anyone who once diagnosed with a thyroid condition, has become truly 'euthyroid' or cured through traditional medical means. However, the World today, and particularly the internet, is opening up a huge range of options and opportunities for people to explore and discover "new" or "alternative" ways of thinking and addressing their illness. In support of this, and in contrast to the results of traditional medicine, more and more people with thyroid conditions are beginning to report that they have indeed found a 'cure' or a 'remission' to their disease that they were unable to experience within the traditional allopathic model of treatment.

This is not to decry traditional allopathic medical interventions: there are, as I said previously, many people who find that thyroid supplementation does help alleviate their thyroid symptoms. And for that group of people, I am sure that the work of trying to secure an alternative means of self-help or self-healing may be far less urgent. But for those of us who did not fall into that camp, who have suffered the symptoms of thyroid disease despite medication, who have been told we "do not have a problem" because our blood levels are now considered normal (despite the terrible and debilitating effects of our symptoms still being present daily within our lives); for those who are standing at the edge of a road which will inevitably take them on a pathway towards increasing autoimmune conditions, potential heart and bone issues, infertility and childbirth issues, adrenal and other endocrine issues; these videos and the awareness they bring to us as free-thinking, self-empowered individuals, is a ray of sunshine.

I know that we do not all necessarily find our solutions in the same way, or the same place.

We are all unique, and as such, one persons solution to their thyroid condition may be different to another persons. One person may be experiencing digestive issues and leaky gut whilst another may have severe brain fog, or may be more concerned with adrenal fatigue.

We are all unique, and as such, we will need to find our own pathway to health.

But here is a series of videos, of talks and personal experiences that tell a story of huge potential.

My journey was a long one - it was hard, sometimes isolating, always changing, never straight forwards; but ultimately it moulded me and created me in a way that means that I cannot imagine my life now without having experienced that journey.

I now want to help others to become actively involved in their own journey.

For me this is through understanding the emotional and energetic landscape that has formed our life experience and which continues to create that experience from the creative force which is our own mind, our own thoughts, and our own innate biological intelligence which responds to and emerges out of that energy of 'mind'.

This is why my new website I have now decided to name "The Enlightened Mind" (

This website will explain some of the techniques and tools that are available for you to start your own journey of self-healing and self-empowerment. By bringing light and understanding, by opening up opportunity for change through profound, yet simple shifts in thinking, and in our awareness.

This applies not only for people with thyroid conditions, but in all areas of our life!

I work with many different methods of self-awareness, emotional freedom techniques and energy healing. Along with a powerful system which helps us find the root causes and events which may be affecting our physical health and well-being. This system is called meta health, and is the key to how I discovered and cleared the events around my own hypothyroidism.

I have devised a program of self-help and support for those suffering with hypothyroidism, which you can find here.

The Butterfly Wings Program is a unique program which will provide multiple tools and techniques over time, and aims to support people on their self-healing journey. It is not about medication, or any other aspect of healing, except the journey which I took, and which changed how my body was functioning. By working from the inside out, by changing my thoughts and beliefs and accessing and clearing blockages that had their roots in past life events. This is the area of work which cleared and helped to heal my thyroid. It is completely complimentary to any other work or therapy you may be using.

If you are interested to know more, please contact me or visit my other website to find out more,

Lastly, I am grateful to Dr. Isabella for bringing together this series of 9 videos, there is opportunity to purchase the video series for your personal use by following the links provided in the video trailers, or by signing up to receive notifications directly from The Thyroid Secret by clicking here:


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