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Time to Breathe? Potential Gifts from Corona Virus.

Virus Pandemic Indicates Global Conflict may be Resolving As the Corona Virus continues to cause fear and panic across the globe, governments are going to have to make decisions that involve considering the public health against economic interests. Governments will continue to say they are making decisions based on medical advice, but we should be under no illusion that this will be assessed against a background of governmental concerns which will be considering the implications of their Countries economic potentials after ‘shut downs’ and ‘closed borders’. Governments decisions will have huge impacts on businesses both Nationally and Internationally. Whilst governments have attempted (or hoped) to avoid taking measures that would slow down society norms around ‘business‘ and ‘economics’, it seems inevitable that this choice will become a requirement - later, if not sooner!

Time to ”Breath”

As air flights reduce and commuters stay at home, Cities and Towns across the Western World will become more akin to the ghost town we have seen Wuhan become. But amongst this prognosis for social upheaval and uncertain economics...There is an audible sigh of relief from the Earth herself as she gains a moment to ‘breath’ and recover from the never ending onslaught of Environmental Pollutants that make up the 24/7/365 nature of ’Business-as-usual’ that perpetuates across the Earths global markets.

In the last couple of days, NASA have released images of the immediate and significant effects on air pollution that Wuhans ‘shut down’ has caused. In a matter of just several days, the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide have dropped significantly. Firstly over Wuhan, then spreading out across a wider area of China as the Chinese authorities expanded their quarantine efforts.

What is amazing is the speed that the Earth has been able to adjust and respond to these significant events! It’s ability to recuperate and recover is simply astonishing!!


What else might be achieved if the whole (human) World, was enforced to ‘slow down’ their ‘business-as-usual’ activities?

Imagine the healing that the Earth might achieve if all that activity (that literally never ends) across the globe were to be reduced?

There is an irony that on one hand there are the sad and unfortunate 20% of infected individuals who are suffering from the worse effects of the Coronavirus - symptoms of which include great ‘difficulty in breathing’. Whilst on the other hand the Earth herself, as result of the virus, is receiving a much needed ‘breather’ from the never-ending human pollution of the air itself.

What might be the positives to this virus?

What if the Virus was forcing us, our governments, to take action? (Even if that action were to become less ‘activity’ based, and therefore less environmentally unsustainable). Governments and individuals are about to find themselves potentially having to ‘self-restrict’ (I prefer this to self-isolate), even when they/we don’t want to do so!

What if, instead of being a terrible disaster for humanity, this virus might be the opportunity we need to give ourselves permission to:

  • Stop the excessive buying and selling that underpins our economies?

  • Stay home and find alternative ways to maintain sustainable business models?

  • Focus our attention on what is best for the health and wellbeing of all people, and of humanity as a whole?

  • Make choices that benefit the whole of humanity, not just the elite and wealthy few?

  • Put the needs of the Planet first - taking time to recognise that the mass worry, fear and concern that this virus is creating is NOTHING compared to the fears and panic that WILL spread across the globe IF we continue to ignore the Global signs that we are receiving from the Earth herself: the UK has experienced overwhelming floods and Australia simultaneously experiencingIt’s worst ever catastrophic fires.

What if this virus - as much as it is being constantly feared and maligned - was offering humanity an opportunity to make those changes that we and our governing elite have not yet had the ability, the will or the strength to make!?

An MBD Approach

As an MBD, we look at the role of viruses in a very different way to the modern medical model. We consider the greater energetics and purpose behind mechanisms such as viruses and bacteria.

Yes, they have an impact on individual health, and we can look at the ‘themes’ and ‘root causes’ of those viruses and bacteria. Why they are involved in certain bio-logical responses that cause disease. And these awarenesses can provide insights for individuals to become self-aware to the root causes of their disease.

This provides individuals the opportunity to become ‘conscious’ of what their bodies are telling them. The signs of Disease may be providing them an opportunity to look past the ‘symptoms’ in order to become aware of the deeper evolutionary needs of the individual. The MBD model helps us to identify the difficulties we experience via the symptoms of our disease. This holds an opportunity for us to uncover our personal conflicts!

Equally, viruses (and therefore also this corona virus) provides us a collective opportunity to look beyond the symptoms towards the deeper evolutionary processes that need to be addressed in order for us to collectively evolve our conflicts and our issues.

With this greater MBD perspective on the intricate relationships between ourselves (humans) and other micro-organisms that coexist with us upon the Earth, we might begin to see things in a different way.

We might want to ask ourselves:

  • What are the lessons we might learn from this virus?

  • What is the gift this virus offers, in our current situation?

Addressing Our Fears

For individuals who are feeling worried about the virus, and for those that are caught in the energy of fear that the idea of a ‘Pandemic’ creates, I would urge a refocus.

Please spend time addressing your fears and worries:

  • Use meditation

  • Find positives to consider amongst any negatives

  • Try to keep your energy levels high

  • Focus on the energy of ‘Love’ and try to keep your family and home in a higher state of resonance and flow.

Yes!! I know that sounds hippy. “What’s Love got to do with it?” You say!!

And, you may also ask “ just how will that airy-fairy ‘energy of love’ idea help me?”

Love is a Healing Balm & Strengthens our Resilience & our Immunity
Love is a Healing Balm & Strengthens our Resilience & our Immunity

But I want to assert, and fairly strongly, that the energy of Love is a singular strong and powerful energy that we contain within us! It is responsible for miracles and is the fundamental ‘energy’ of life itself!

Beyond this, it is known that both the Energy of Hope and the Power of Love are strengthening to our biology and to a positive prognosis in many situations. What we believe is the ‘power’ source in the energy of hope. How we exist and experience the world itself is Embodied in the power of love!

Both of these simple directives strengthen our immune systems and build our resilience. Increasing our individual response-ability to face any threat to the best of our ability!

In contrast, fear fogs our mind, it hinders our ability to think clearly, to respond effectively and puts our immune system under attack even BEFORE it has any virus to contend with.

So give yourself the best chance, as an individual, and as a conscious human who is awakening to the greater needs of the Collective and the Earth Herself!

Change your thinking, and change your biology!

Change your consciousness, and change the Earth!


Looking after Ourselves

In addition, it goes without saying (I hope), that sense would suggest we all improve our nutrition! Consider supplements that will support your immune system, and abide by all the respond-able procedures that will protect you and the greater community.

But do all these things with a lightness of being, and without fear.

Get Plenty of Antioxidants along with your Vitamin C
Get Plenty of Antioxidants along with your Vitamin C

Unplug from the fear epidemic and connect into your highest potential - which I assure you, does not exist within that lower fear-based state!

Watch out for my MBD meditation which will provide an opportunity for you to connect into a beautiful ‘healing network’ that was initiated this evening, and is working to continue to change the energies around our current situation and the fears of this new virus.

Lastly, if you are interested in expanding your own perspective on health, or would like to engage in MBD Training to support yourself, your family or your health practice, please contact me about Future MBD Meta Perspectives Training dates.

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