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Building Collective Heart Coherence

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

We Add Heart Is a HeartMath initiative, pioneered in the UK and now spreading Globally!

As a HeartMath Provider, I offer an online ‘WeAddHeart’ online HeartMath meditation. These can be booked individually through EVENTBRIGHT.

However, I also offer a continual Monthly Subscription service that allows you to take part in the WeAddHeart monthly call and also join additional weekly calls throughout the month.

You also receive access to the Building Heart Coherence Channel on my website, where you will gain access to other resources to help your Heart-Focused Coherence practice.

In addition you will be invited to purchase one of the HeartMath ‘tools (LINK)’. As a subscriber you will be able to claim a 10% Discount on one HeartMath Product, via my shop, which you can use to support your daily practice.

As a subscriber you will also receive 10% Discount on any 1-2-1 Change Work Session you book with me for the duration of your subscription (limited to a maximum of one reduced cost session per subscription month)

Monthly Subscription Rate: £12

You get

  • Monthly WeAddHeart Online Heart Coherence call (free during Covid)

  • Weekly Building Collective Heart Coherence online call (save £10 per month)

  • Access to the Building Heart Coherence Chanel on the MBD website (save £5 per month)

  • 10% Discount off your first purchase of any HeartMath Product via my online shop (save up to £45)

  • 10% Discount on a maximum of one 1-2-1 Change Work Session per subscription month (save up to £7.90 per month)


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